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Ecological bonus: what surprises does it have in store for you in 2023?

While the new scale had just taken effect, the ecological bonus will change again for the start of 2023!

Every January 1st brings its share of new features for motorists. You can also find a file on the subjectwith everything that has changed for you since January 1, 2023. There are new scales concerning ecological bonuses, rising taxes, aid for carpooling and other new measures.

But when everything seemed fixed, a little surprise came to stir up trouble…

A declining bonus… really?

We know it, the ecological malus for thermal vehicles has seen its ceiling increase, to reach almost 50 000 € at most. But with regard to the ecological bonus, things have also changed: the State has revised the aid downwards.

While the previous aid amounts were €6,000 and €2,000, the scales have been lowered. The first is indeed increased to €5,000 for the electric vehicles under €47,000in the 2.4 ton limit for the vehicle. Figure which is only rarely achieved for this price range of electric car. On the other hand, it was for the second tariff bracket that there was a small last-minute change. While for models between 47,000 and 60,000 € saw their aid drop, from 2,000 to 1,000 € for this year, there has been a change. These last would not have so no longer any right to the bonusas for vehicles plug-in hybrids !

Finally, for the most modest households, the aid is still set at €7,000 and will soon come into force.

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The new complete scale of the ecological bonus

With all these last minute changes, here is a small recap of the aid for this year:

  • Electric cars less than €47,000: 27% of the price capped at €5,000 (for a vehicle within the 2.4 tonne limit). Bonus of €7,000 for certain modest households.
  • New electric vans : 40% of the price capped at €6,000
  • Hydrogen powered vehicles : 1 000 €

On the other hand, concerning state aid for the most modest households, it will still be necessary to wait. The criteria for awarding the maximum bonus of €7,000 should soon be detailed by the government. See you in a few weeks!

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