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Peugeot Inception (2023): here is the new concept presented at CES in Las Vegas!

Peugeot reveals to CES 2023 Las Vegas are new concept, baptized “ Peugeot Inception« . Déjà unveiled very partially last December, this time the Sochaux brand is showing its prototype in broad daylight! And the French manufacturer is taking advantage of the major flagship event of the beginning of the year, the Consumer Electronics Show, to unveil its jewel of technology.

Intended for foreshadowing future electric models from the brand to the lion, the Peugeot Inception Concept reminds us of some sketches from the past… while displaying the lion’s ambition for the future!

An iconic design for the Peugeot concept

At first glance, impossible to miss. From the outset, the Peugeot Inception concept reminds us of a well-known silhouette, that of the Peugeot e-Legend ! To see more clearly, you have to go back almost 5 years, in September 2018. At the time, the French presented there with great fanfare his new 508 saloon. But next, the star of the show was the e-Legend concept, itself inspired by theiconic 504 coupe !

The Peugeot Inception therefore incorporates many elements of the previous concept. We find the same silhouette of a coupe sedan, elegant and slender. There are, however, many revamped details. Everything is much more straight, clean et angular. The concept inherits more than character. The lines contrast with the past concept, and the whole thing hardly resembles a pale neo-retro copy of the 504 of yesteryear.

The entire front grille is unique, and immediately makes us think of the front of thehypercar 9X8scheduled to be engaged in 24 hours of Le Mans This year. Electric obliges, we find a full grille and a light signature very specific to Peugeot with the 3 horizontal claws. At the back, the cut is very frank, bevelled. The brand name sits proudly in red “3D” writing behind a tinted glass. Another recognizable element, the huge 20″ rims with a disruptive design. Do they tell you something? Called “Aerorim”, these are borrowed from the latest 408 introduced a few months ago.

Finally, seen from above, the concept reveals a huge glass roof that merges into the windshield. The latter also ends its race very far, almost to the stern and comes to sink before the grille.

A new specific platform

With this new concept, Peugeot wants to show its full potential for its next electric vehicles. The Peugeot Inception is based in particular on the STLA Large platform, which offers a low sedan design with only 1.34 m in height. The length is 5 meters.

In terms of motorization, it is obviously 100% electric. In total, thanks to two motors on the front and rear axles, the concept benefits from a total of 680 hp (500 kW). All this cavalry catapults the vehicle to almost 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds.

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Thanks to its 100 kWh battery, the Peugeot Inception can theoretically travel up to 800 km. The lion even announces consumption figures reduced to 12.5 kWh per 100 km. The battery recharges the equivalent of 30 km of range in one minute, or 150 km in five minutes. Also, the vehicle offers induction charging.

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