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VinFast unveils the characteristics of its VF 6 and VF 7

The Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast took advantage of CES in Las Vegas to provide additional information about its future VF 6 and VF 7.

Au Las Vegas CES, brands around the world are taking the opportunity to announce many new products. This is particularly the case of Vinfast, the young Vietnamese car manufacturer founded in 2018. This year, its range of electric vehicles will expand to accommodate two more compact and above all more affordable crossovers! Here are their characteristics in detail.

VF 6 and VF 7: two compact SUVs

The Vietnamese manufacturer presents two SUVs with reduced sizes, with rather compact formats, especially for the VF 6. The latter, with its 4.24 m long, 1.82 m wide and 1.59 m high, is close to a Hyundai Kona on our European lands.

The VF 7 he is more imposing. In terms of dimensions, it is 4.54 m long, 1.85 m wide and 1.64 m high. In the electric range, we can therefore put it in front of a Skoda Enyaq coupe or a Volkswagen ID.5 for instance.

Three different engine levels

On the engine side, the VF 6 Eco range is equipped with a 59.6 kWh battery that powers a front-mounted electric motor developing 174 hp (130 kW) for 250 Nm of torque. VinFast believes this will allow the crossover to have a WLTP range of 399 km.

Customers looking for more performance can opt for the VF 6 Plus, which has the aforementioned battery as well as a more powerful motor of 201 hp (150 kW) for 310 Nm of torque. While the extra power is welcome, performance comes at a cost as WLTP range is expected to drop to 381km.

With the VF 7, the entry-level Eco variant is equipped with a 75.3 kWh battery and is associated with a front-mounted electric motor developing 201 hp (150 kW) for 310 Nm of torque. VinFast is aiming for a WLTP range of 450 km with this configuration.

Finally, the VF 7 Plus uses the same battery pack, but it powers a twin-motor all-wheel-drive system and develops 348hp for 500Nm of torque. This extra power should increase the range to 431 km.

Technical characteristics of the VF 6 and VF 7

VF 6 Eco VF 6 Plus VF 7 Eco VF 7 Plus
Wheelbase 2 730 mm 2840 mm
Dimensions 4 238 x 1 820 x 1 594 mm 4 545 x 1 890 x 1 635 mm
Motor 174ch / 130kW 201ch / 150kW 201ch / 150kW 348ch / 260kW
Couple 250 Nm 310 Nm 310 Nm 500 Nm
Drums 59.6 kWh 59.6 kWh 75.3 kWh 75.3 kWh
Autonomy 399 km (WLTP) 381 km (WLTP) 450km (WLTP) 431 km (WLTP)
Transmission 2 wheel drive 2 wheel drive 2 wheel drive4 4 wheels driving
Rim size 17 inches 19 inch 19 inch 20 inches (21 optional)
Screen 12.9 inches 12.9 inches 12.9 inches 15 inches

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For now, VinFast does not disclose price. The manufacturer will however begin to accept reservations for VF 6 and VF 7 fromhere the month of march 2023.

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