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This tuner will release a more boosted version of the Mercedes AMG G-63

And one more tuned version for the Mercedes AMG G-63! This time, Hofele Design is tackling AMG’s SUV, to make it even more powerful.

Le Mercedes AMG G-63 is already one of the most powerful SUV models designed by Mercedes AMG. In fact, it is already an improvement of the Mercedes G-Class. The idea was to make it a slightly more sophisticated, high-end and powerful version, capable of attracting a wealthier clientele. Moreover, the price of the AMG G-63 already exceeds 180,000 euros, which makes it a luxury SUV. But once the model is released by AMG, it’s a whole series of German preparers who threw themselves on the vehicle to bring out even more boosted and refined versions.

One of the best known is the series of achievements signed by Brabus, like its Brabus 900 Superblack – which nevertheless develops more than 900 horsepower. In the same vein, a competitor, Posaidon, has positioned itself to produce another derivative of the AMG G-63 at least as powerful. Recently, a third preparer embarked on the design of a G-63 pushed to its maximum: Hofele Design. Besides, would it be the most refined version of the G-63 on the market?

A new version of the AMG G-63 prepared by Hofele Design

Hofele Design is already one of the most prominent tuners for everything related to Mercedes. Founded in 1983, it became the official partner of the groupe Mercedes-Benz for the customization of the manufacturer’s models, although it is not restricted to these vehicles. He has also practiced on Porsches, Audis, Land Rovers, Lexus and Jeeps.

But one of his most perfected works to date is precisely this tuned version of the AMG G-63, the HG Ultimate. Moreover, the name of the vehicle is quite evocative: according to the CEO of Hofele Design, it is precisely the most successful work by the company on a Mercedes model. Already, all of the manufacturing and construction will be done in Germany, in the factories of the preparer in Sindelfingen.

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A very dark appearance, which contrasts with a more colorful interior

Like the AMG G-63 from Brabus, the version designed by Hofele Design is entirely painted with gloss black. In any case, this is how the very first model looks like, which has just been ordered by a customer. For this first edition of the HG Ultimate, the preparer has also chosen to complete this dark dye with chrome parts on the outside of the vehicle, on the grille, the bumper, the side strips and the spare wheel cover.

Also on the outside, the doors have been modified, replacing them with reverse opening doors. Running boards have also been added to facilitate entry into the SUV. The interior was then completely reworked. It is notably decorated with a color Premium Orange Mira Mandarin and many other exclusives. In short, once again a magnificent job will be done on the AMG G-63!

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