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Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit: the cockpit of the future

The American manufacturer unveiled at the CES 2023 show in Las Vegas the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit, a futuristic interior concept rich in technologies.

A few days ago, Chrysler took advantage of the CES show (Consumer Electronics Show) 2023 in Las Vegas to unveil the Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit, a futuristic car interior concept, rich in new technologies and sustainable materials. Last year, the American firm had already surprised the public at CES, with the presentation of the Chrysler Airflow concept.

Now that the American manufacturer is part of the Stellantis group, it has taken some ideas from the Peugeot i-Cockpit concept, making it even more futuristic and imagining what the interior of future cars could be like. Chrysler of tomorrow.

Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit: a concentration of technologies

The Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit provides a glimpse of future platform-based technologies STLA Smart Cockpit, STLA Brain and STLA AutoDrive, and which promise intuitive and connected functionalities: the Chrysler brand will be the first of the group to inaugurate them in North America. This driving position STLA Smart Cockpit two-seater is inspired by the Chrysler Airflow Concept, and represents the stylistic orientation of Chrysler, with no less than 3 screens of 37.2 inches diagonal in total, embedded in black glass slabs.

We find there sustainable materials, with high-end vegetable-tanned and micro-perforated filling. The dashboard trim is made of recycled plastic materials from industrial and ocean waste, and there are also other distinctive elements such as a walnut wood floor combined with responsibly sourced textiles.

Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit: on-board artificial intelligence

This interior also embeds the technology ofartificial intelligence advanced STLA Brain, which is able to adapt and improve the user interface over time, with the ability to learn user preferences. The features are updated in real time thanks to wireless connectivity, and the system always offers the latest features developed by the brand.

There is also a virtual personal assistant, capable of synchronizing all the digital profiles of the user, whether at home, at work but also through their personal devices. It syncs calendars for planning appointments and routes, and allows multitasking while driving autonomously, recommending parking and charging solutions, while connecting to devices and smart homes. All this helps to provide a unified experience within the user’s vehicle.

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Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit: Level 3 autonomous driving

The Chrysler Synthesis Cockpit also foreshadows the technologies of level 3 autonomous driving of the platform STLA AutoDrive : thus, the user can take his eyes off the road and no longer use the steering wheel, which disappears into the dashboard.

Chrysler will launch its first 100% electric vehicle in 2025as well as a full range of battery-electric cars in 2028. This Chrysler brand electric strategy is part of Stellantis’ “Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan, which prepares the group’s future: “The Chrysler Synthesis shown at CES 2023 represents the future of design, technology and customer experience for the Chrysler brand, introducing customer-centric design and intuitive technology, perfectly connected for real life”said Chris Feuell, CEO of the Chrysler brand at Stellantis.

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