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Fuel allowance: how to benefit from it?

The fuel discount at the pump which was in effect until December 31 is now replaced by the fuel allowance. This one of an amount of 100€ does not concern the whole population, and requires some steps to be obtained.

change of year, change in regulations concerning fuel aid. Before 1is January, the fuel discount implemented since 1is April exempted the French from 18 then 30 centimes per liter until November 15. It had risen to 10 cents on that date, and was in effect until December 31. Something announced, thing done: this now gives way to fuel allowance. It rises to 100 € and concerns the 50% of the poorest households. These are particularly those who have need their vehicle (car, two-wheeler, three-wheeler, thermal and/or electric) to get to their place of work. These are those who are located in “the first five deciles.

In detail, the limit of the 5th decile corresponds to a reference annual tax income per unit less than €14,700, which corresponds approximately to:

  • single person;
  • couple with one child;
  • single person with two children;
  • couple with two children;
  • couple with three children.

Interestingly, she is paid per person and not per household, so that for a couple sharing the same household, each will be able to receive an indemnity of 100 euros. The government estimates that approximately 10 million people are concerned to benefit from the fuel allowance.

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From January 16 only

How can you benefit from this help ? You will be able to request the fuel allowance from January 16, 2023, using a form that will be posted on the website Attention, another important point: YOU MUST MAKE YOUR REQUEST BEFORE FEBRUARY 28, 2023!

If you do not have access to online services, you can contact the national telephone number from January 16, 2023: 0 806 000 229 (free service + cost of the call), accessible from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. You can also contact your personal tax department.

You will be asked to enter:

  • Your tax number
  • The numberplate of your vehicle
  • A sworn statement which certifies that you must use your vehicle to go to work

This does, the aid will be paid directly into your bank account with no further action to take.

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