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The latest Bugatti Centodieci hides a reference to the EB110

The tenth and last Bugatti Centodieci has just been delivered. However, it does not look exactly like the previous ones.

The last of the Bugatti Centodieci models has just been delivered to its owner. Launched in 2022, with a first example produced in June 2022, the hypercar is heavily inspired by one of Bugatti’s legendary models, l’EB110. Designed as an exclusive model, the Centodieci was limited to a series of ten units. And its price still amounts to nine million euros!

However, the Centodieci is a particularly successful model. According to Christophe Pochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles, the new line represents a perfect blend of all the major hallmarks of the luxury brand: rarity, innovation, craftsmanship, heritage and performance excellence. The last of the ten Centodieci also has some peculiarities.

The last of the Bugatti Centodieci has just been produced

Like all Bugatti models, each of the ten Centodieci has been tested and re-tested by the manufacturer. The aim is to ensure that all components of the vehicle are in perfect working order, so that the customer receives an absolutely flawless model. The ten cars of the new Bugatti line are thus the combination oftechnical excellence and amazing design.

From a technical point of view, the Centodieci is equipped with an engine 8.0 liter Bugatti W16 which develops 1,577 horsepower, allowing the car to reach a top speed of 420 kilometers per hour! Of course, the acceleration is not left out. It can reach 100 kilometers per hour in 2.4 seconds. In short, it then offers a unique driving experience!

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Some specificities accompany the latest Centodieci

The tenth example of the Centodieci does not quite resemble the previous ones, certainly due to special customer requests. It has bodywork dyed with paint of the type « Quartz White »contrasted by a carbon black stripe which runs along the bottom of the vehicle.

Above all, a reference to the Bugatti EB110 is hidden in this latest Centodieci. The interior is almost entirely made with color « Light Blue Sport », used on the original EB110 models. For the rest, this tenth Centodieci shares the same technical characteristics as the nine previous models. The Centodieci line completed, Bugatti can now move on to the production of the W16 Mistral!

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