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YangWang U8: a 1,100 horsepower electric SUV with false Defender airs

Chinese industrial champion BYD kicks off the year with the introduction of a new premium brand called YangWang. Its first model is a massive 1,100 horsepower electric 4×4 that takes up the philosophy of the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class, to better dethrone the tenors of this category.

BYD no end of cover the automotive news. The Chinese industrial group, world champion in the production of batteries, multiplies innovations through its many brands and models. Recently, he even appropriated the first place in the chinese market, doubling Volkswagen after 38 years of reign! The year got off to a flying start for the manufacturer, which unveiled a new premium brand intended to cover the top of its range: Yang Wang. If BYD arrives in France as its own brand (with the Atto 3 SUV and Tang and the Han sedan already in concession in Paris), this new division should initially be reserved for China. Before a possible arrival in Europe in the next few years.

The offensive continues with YangWang

YangWang, which could be translated as “looking up” in French, is the BYD’s new flagship. This brand must highlight its technological know-how and his stylistic essays. To become a experimental laboratory of its future innovations. Two models have already been presented: the U8 SUV and the U9 electric supercar. We are talking about the first one today. The U8 is a new 100% electric luxury 4X4/SUV. He wants to tackle premium competitors in the sector, dominated by the Land Rover Defender and the Mercedes Benz Classe G notably. Which are planned for an upcoming 100% electric version. It is a serious rival even in design and philosophy. With a massive style made of projecting arteries and flat walls. The exercise is elaborate, even daring, with a very original headlight design, both front and rear.

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A luxury franchisor

Climbing up real crossing 4X4the U8 is based on a ladder chassis conducive to this kind of exercise. And at one all-wheel drive permanent made possible by the integration of four motors: one per wheel! The whole develops in combination the trifle of 1,100 horsepower. With a 0 to 100 km/h atomized in less than 3 seconds. For a machine of this size, and which weighs more than 2.5 tons, it’s a great feat!

In terms of innovations, YangWang has introduced a crab mode which allows diagonal movements to get out of bad passes (as on the GMC Hummer EV). Thanks to a carrosserie waterproofthe U8 is also perfectly at ease to circulate immersed in water, with an assistance called « Floating Water Mode ». Its prices have not yet been communicated, but the Chinese press is already reporting a call price of at least 150,000 euros. It’s still 125,000 euros less than a thermal G-Class in China…

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