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An artificial intelligence will defend a driver in court

When you commit a crime and you are summoned to court, it is obviously recommended to choose a good lawyer in order to defend yourself. So we imagine him to be serious, professional… and human? Indeed, the question now arises with the arrival of theartificial intelligence in court to defend the accused. This is the option chosen by a driver summoned for speeding.

A first in court

However, should lawyers be wary of the arrival of artificial intelligence? Be that as it may, next February, this motorist will be defended by a chatbot and will hear in a headset everything he has to answer in court. Equipped with a smartphone which will pick up all the speeches made in the room, the accused can then respond with a speeding.

It’s society DoNotPay who will provide the artificial intelligence during this trial. This legal service providesa chatbot specialized in contesting fines for lack of parking. This time, the mission promises to be more complex. The offender will be equipped with a headset and he will be able to hear all the answers he will have to say in court.

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A smartphone as a lawyer

Although the company preferred to keep the location of the court and the defendant secret, it said it would pay the fines that would arise from this trial. For her, this is an important test for improvement. Of course, it only deals with cases Without gravity. The defendant’s sentence would not exceed 16 dollars.

The boss of DoNoPay, Joshua Browder, is however happy to be able to test his chatbot in this case. For him, it is the most breathtaking thing [qu’il ait] never made”.

In the majority of countries, the use of a smartphone and a headset is illegal. But DoNotPay considers that the jurisdiction allows it to act because the material would be classified as a hearing aid device, and would therefore in fact be authorized.

It will not be used for complex cases and it has assimilated many case law to cover all possible topics. The chatbot’s answers are always very factual. The legal liability of DoNotPay is thus reduced. In any case, it will be a precious help for the defendants. For his boss, smartphone avoids having to pay the costs of a lawyer in cases where he only copy-pastes legislative documents.

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