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Goodyear: a tire made of 90% sustainable materials

The American manufacturer Goodyear has just unveiled a tire made of 90% sustainable materials, which contributes to reducing the use of resources.

Goodyear just presented a tire prototype demo which contains 90% sustainable materialsi.e. materials that are biosourced, renewable, recycled, or that can be produced using sustainable processes, helping to preserve resources and/or reduce polluting emissions.

This innovative tire has also successfully passed regulatory tests as well as Goodyear’s internal tests. In addition to its composition, the American firm made sure that it offered a lower rolling resistance to that of a tire produced with traditional materials, which also makes it possible to reduce the fuel consumption and the polluting emissions of a thermal vehicle when it is used on the road.

Goodyear: towards a 100% sustainable tire

Last year at the same time, Goodyear had already presented a demonstration tire prototype containing 70% sustainable materials, which should pass the marketing stage in 2023. This time, the American firm is going even further to reach the milestone of 90% sustainable materials, with the aim ofachieve, by the end of the decade, 100% sustainable materials :

“We are making progress towards our goal of bringing the first 100% sustainable tire to market by 2030”says Chris Helsel, Vice President of Manufacturing and Technology at Goodyear: “Last year was instrumental in achieving this goal. We searched for new technologies, identified opportunities for collaboration. Our teams have been persistent, not only to demonstrate our ability to produce a tire made of 90% sustainable materials, but also to produce a tire containing up to 70% sustainable materials this year. Our team continues to innovate and engage to build a better future”.

Goodyear: 17 ingredients for this durable tire

The Goodyear tire made up of 90% sustainable materials includes no less than 17 ingredients in 12 tire components. For example, there is carbon black, which helps to strengthen the rubber and contribute to its longevity: this is produced from methane, carbon dioxide, vegetable oil and pyrolysis oil from tires. at end of life, to help reduce carbon emissions, the circular economy and the use of biosourced carbon.

Soybean oil, on the other hand, allows the rubber compound’s supple qualities to be preserved, and reduce the use of petroleum-based materialswhile tire silica is produced from rice husk ash, which is often discarded during rice production.

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Goodyear: sustainable recycled materials

We also find in this tire recycled polyesterdesigned by transforming plastic bottles, bio-renewable pine resins that replace petroleum-based ones, not to mention ISCC-certified mass-balance polymers.

Finally, the steel beads and cables to reinforce the tire structure are high in recycled contentand are produced using the electric arc furnace process, which reduces energy consumption to produce steel and recycle metals, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With this new demonstration tire, the Goodyear brand proves that it is using more and more sustainable materials for the manufacture of its tires, and will very soon be marketing its tire containing up to 70% sustainable materials.

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