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He is leaving prison and should soon be returning: here is the reason

Just released from prison, a motorist was intercepted by the police and should return there again, without going through square one.

It happens to all of us to make small offenses, and to have to deal with justice when we wish to contest a speeding ticket or a fine deemed excessive. But for some, it is rather a loyalty card that is needed, as they seem to be attached to police stations and other detention centers. This is also probably the case of our protagonist of the day, who seems more at ease in a cell than in the open air. In any case, this is what the story, to say the least unusual, that we are telling you today suggests. And which ended quite badly for its main interest…

Already well known to the police

On Monday January 2, 20-year-old Mohamed F. was released from prison after entering detention on August 27 following multiple scams and other scam factse. A release that ultimately did not last long. And for good reason, released at 9 a.m., the ex-prisoner was arrested by the police at 9:45 a.m. driving a car he had just stolen. A very simple procedure, since he simply went to a dealership to do a test drive, before leaving with the vehicle. Problem, he had left his license and his identity card as a deposit, which allowed the police to find him quite easily…

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A psychiatric expertise in progress

Judged this Wednesday, January 4 by the judicial court of Evry-Courcouronnes, the accused should return to prison. Nevertheless, the one who describes himself as autistic, bipolar and suicidal is currently the subject of a psychiatric expertise, with a view to possible admission to a care center. During the trial, the defendant indeed asked to be hospitalized, while he would have tried several times to put an end to his life during his detention. While awaiting trial, he remains imprisoned in Fleury-Mérogis prison.

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