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The Mada 9, this supercar that comes straight from Afghanistan

A new supercar would be in production in Afghanistan, the Mada 9. But what is it really? Some doubts are indeed heard…

For a few days now, the upcoming release ofa new supercar started making noise. Except that some doubts have also been expressed about the very origin of this vehicle. It would not be a new Italian or German model, or even an electric concept car from a Chinese start-up. But rather ofan Afghan supercar!

This model would certainly be the first to have been designed in this country. And it has already been presented, with a very official name: la Mada 9. Several videos are already circulating on Youtube to show what this model would look like, and one of them even shows the vehicle in motion. Does this news confirm a future release of this supercar? Not so sure…

A new Afghan supercar on the market?

When this new model was announced, some doubts began to be heard. According to the few information collected on this vehicle, it is announced that it could compete with the fastest Bugatti. So why so many doubts? However, it seems clear that the Mada 9 is not not just fictionbut it actually exists.

Nevertheless, it also seems unlikely that his performances will be so incredible. It’s even hard to believe that this supercar could be produced now. Of course, a video shows that it works well. However, she is moving very slowly, suggesting that her engine is not yet ready. And potentially thatit will never be…

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But where does the Mada 9 come from?

What is surprising is lack of information around the Mada 9. According to the media Carscoopthe only certainty about it is that it is developed (or at least presented) by a hitherto unknown manufacturer: ENTOP. Its CEO, a certain Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, says the Mada 9 has been in development for five years now.

Except that, unlike many new supercars, no specific technology has been found for ENTOP and its Mada 9. Moreover, its CEO had announced a production of the vehicle in December. To date, no news has been given on this point. Nothing has been specified on its possible price, nor on marketing. Could this be a scam? It’s quite likely…

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