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Bentley confirms its success in 2022!

Bentley’s success in recent years has not wavered. 2022 was another golden year for the brand, which increased sales in virtually all markets, driven by its Bentayga SUV and its Grand Tourer Continental GT.

good year for Bentley ! The luxury automaker has announced record vehicle sales for 2022. With increasing demand almost everywhere! The luxury division of the Volkswagen group has thus indicated that it has sold 15,174 vehicles over 2022. That’s up 4% from 2021, itself already a record year. “In a year even more unpredictable than 2021, the company overcame significant headwinds and demonstrated great resilience to achieve the third consecutive year of record sales“Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark said in a statement. The company reported sales growth in all regional markets except in China. The Middle Kingdom has indeed suffered a drop of 9%, due in particular to the various confinements linked to Covid-19.

A success driven by the Bentayga

Despite these strong performances, sales in the United States only increased at a rate of barely 1%. A shortfall for the one who is the first world market for Bentley! the Bentaygaits ultra-luxury SUV, remained the best-selling model in 2022, representing 42% of its sales ! Bentley had been one of the first high-end manufacturers to offer a luxury SUV. Excluding BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz premiums of course. He is followed in the ranking by the Continental GT Coupe and Convertible who achieved 1/3 of annual sales (30%). The success of the model does not weaken, while the brand had been the first to offer a “Grand Tourer” de luxe in 2003, 5 years before Rolls-Royce retorted with its Phantom Coupé.

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Mulliner, the goose that lays the golden eggs from Bentley

This good health of Bentley is also to be put on the account of Mulliner, its personalization department. Bentley has increasingly focused on customization. From hand-stitched leather seats to koa wood finishes. From the whimsical colors of the upholstery to the bespoke engravings in the cabin! An operation that allows greatly increase the selling price means of the models. Bentley believes this gain d’environ 30% on the value of a car, or 220,000 euros on averagecompared to 170,000 euros in 2018. The original creations of Mulliner, the roadster Chimneys and the Batur coupé also brought their stone to the building! The brand continues its formidable ascensionin a market where there are also Rolls-Royce (BMW group) and versions Maybach of the most luxurious Mercedes models.

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