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Hyundai rolls its IONIQ 5 like a crab!

It’s an innovation that could revolutionize the mobility of tomorrow: Hyundai has unveiled an amazing system that allows the four wheels of an IONIQ 5 to turn 90 degrees. A system that would make it possible to make a U-turn in a fraction of a movement, or to get out of a too cramped parking space.

The car capable of performing a turn on itself could it soon become reality? With the advent of electric cars, this distant promise of the automobile could see the light of day more quickly than expected, yes! Until now, such an operation was difficult to imagine on a thermal car. The proximity of the wheels which may be encumbered by the transmission shaft, the bars, crosspieces or gimbals for example. On electric cars, the thing is different, and the arrangement of a motor per wheel makes it possible to make it evolve in a completely independent way. Therefore GMC has introduced an amazing “Crab Mode” on its Hummer EV, which allows the car to roll diagonally. the Yang Wang U8, BYD’s new flagship SUV, announces a similar system!

A feat thanks to electric cars

But the the most advanced technology comes from Hyundai, with the help of its equipment supplier Mobis! Mobis Tech, Hyundai’s innovation laboratory has indeed unveiled on a IONIQ 5 and system that allows you to make a 360 to the car. baptized e-Corner System, it integrates in a much more compact and intelligent way the components linked to the suspension, the steering and the power supply to the wheels. This allows them to turn up to 90 degrees, and perform all sorts of feats. 360, crabbing, to turn around in a fraction of a movement. This system is very successful, and we would gladly imagine it being invited on board our production cars.

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To revolutionize everyday life

Concretely, this would make it possible to get out of difficult everyday situations. Like a cramped parking spacea one way siding, too tight a turn, etc. This reminds us, not without amusement, of the system of an automobile equipped with a fifth wheel, which had been patented in the 1930s. The spare wheel located at the rear could go down under the car, to allow it to easily get out of a place. It was in 1938 on a Packardand the same system had emerged in a more advanced form in 1952. You can find out in this video. This e-Corner System is one of the many novelties made possible by the advent of electric cars. Will we see him soon in series? The technology is going well in any case, fingers crossed.

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