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Investing in a supercar wreck, a good plan?

Buying a supercar is out of reach for most people. But there may be another, less expensive way to buy one…

Buying a supercar, or even a hypercar, is a dream shared by many people. But this dream has a cost, and it is generally exorbitant. Unless you are lucky enough to inherit one of these luxury models, you will have to pay several hundred thousand euros to acquire one, or even several million! Some brands, like Porsche, go even further in exclusivity. They ask to establish a relationship with the potential future owner before he can make his purchase.

The idea is to ensure that the owner will not harm brand image. And to ensure that it will contribute to Porsche’s reputation as a luxury manufacturer. However, there may be an alternative way to get a supercar at a ridiculous price, and even make a few million! This is what Youtuber Rob Ferretti tried to demonstrate.

Buying a supercar or hypercar wreck, a good investment?

As much to say it from the start, the method proposed by Rob Ferreti is a little particular and requires a lot of patience. It simply consists of buying a supercar wreck, then waiting for its original model to appreciate in value to restore it and resell it. This is what he tried to do by participating in the auction of a McLaren P1.

The car had been badly damaged by a flood in Florida. Naturally, the price of this McLaren was thus much lower than if it had been sold in perfect condition. Moreover, the car was sold for barely 400,000 euros (against 1.3 million euros for the production model). In the end, Rob Ferreti failed to position himself on this McLaren. But he still clings to his dream: buy a supercar wreck!

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Just buy the vehicle identification plate

Still according to Rob Ferreti, the important thing is less the condition of the vehicle itself than his identifier. Indeed, the value of luxury vehicles most often tends to increase over time. Thus, buying the damaged remains of a luxury car at least ensures that by restoring it, it can be sold at a much higher price than its value on the day of purchase.

Moreover, luxury manufacturers tend to retain the tools and know-how to restore all their models according to the original plans. However, this method has two drawbacks. For one thing, the actual cost of the supercar will not be equal to the purchase price of the wreck, but the price of those remains plus the cost of restoration. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that the value of the model is greater than this total cost. Which leads to the second flaw: we will have to wait 10 or 20 years before the supercar takes on enough value!

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