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Kia Sportage (2016-2021): what are its most frequent problems?

Family SUV well known to us, the Kia Sportage has experienced chain failures on its fourth generation (2016-2021), especially in diesel and for faults in blocks and gearboxes….

Outsider des Family SUVs in Francethe Kia Sportage is, since its first generation in 1994, managed to find a place in a niche dominated by French women. the Sportageit is as its name suggests a SUV with a sporty look. But who plays on the robustness of its lines. The fourth generation was launched in 2016, and took very little risk compared to its predecessor. Visually, only the front end and the somewhat more slender taillights really made it possible to differentiate it from the Kia Sportage third of the name. Mechanically too early career blocks were taken over from his eldest ! A situation that has evolved with the vintages. In particular by new diesel blocks which have even been introduced by a mild hybridization. Available in two or four wheel drivethe Kia Sportage offers a road behavior that favors comfort and sweetness. So, what is there to complain about in terms of reliability?

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His most common problems:

  • Injection : On the 1.7 CRDi diesel block, several owners have reported misfires and holes in acceleration. They are most often due to a leak in the injectors. The other CRDi blocks do not seem to be concerned.
  • Hybride 48V : The 48V light hybridization introduced on the diesel blocks at the end of their career has several shortcomings. The system is blocked and does not effectively manage the transition between thermal and electric. This can lead to engine paralysis or even breakage. Prefer non-hybrid diesel blocks.
  • Manual gearbox: On the 2.0 CRDi, the gearbox linkage may break and become unusable.
  • Clutch : On the 1.7 CRDi, the clutch is a complaints office. Its mechanism seems undersized, which creates multiple failures, such as broken springs, bad seals, oil problems…
  • Brake pads: Their premature wear can happen from 10,000 kilometers, which requires their replacement. Generally speaking, they rarely exceed 30,000 kilometres.

Surprising from Kia yet normally known for its reliability, the fourth Sportage of the name is not exempt from defects, far from it! Over the month, problems appearand for some unlucky ones, multiply at several levels. They require to costly repairs and sometimes long downtimes of the vehicle for engine or gearbox problems. Be careful with the copy on which you set your sights, and watch out for micro-hybrid variants…

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