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Renault Megane RS Ultime: all the information on the latest sports car at the Diamond!

The information has been known for a long time: Alpine will eventually replace Renault Sport as the sports division of the Renault group. To mark its departure, the label born in 1976 gives birth to a last edition before leaving: the Renault Mégane RS Ultime.

The Megane RS, a little bombinette well known to aficionados of the Renault brand, is about to disappear. The denomination “RS” (for “Renault Sport”), which capped the sports versions of Renault models, had initially appeared in 1976 in Formula 1. It was used for the first time on a production model in 1995, on the Spider. But these are especially on the Clio and Megane that the denomination grew in importance. The Clio II R.S in 1999 and the Megane II RS in 2003, obtained engines of 172 and 225 horsepower respectively once passed on the billiards of the “sorcerers” of Renault Sport. Since the Megane III and the Megane IV were entitled to more radical RS versions.

Renault Sport gives way to Alpine

The Mégane III RS is also a model well known to the general public, and not just car enthusiasts! She has in fact equipped the Rapid Intervention Brigades (BRI) of the National Gendarmerie from 2010 to 2020. At the time, it replaced the Subaru Impreza and ensured their mission until the arrival of the newsAlpine A110. The disappearance of the RS name is attributable to Alpine, Renault’s “new” sports brand, relaunched in 2017. It must become the group’s only sports reference. Another sign of change: it has already replaced Renault Sport in Formula 1.

From now on, “Alpine” variants and no longer “Renault Sport” will be used for Renault sports models. Consequently, Alpine replaces RS at all levels, and the last model with the RS denomination will be the current generation of thermal Mégane. It is also aboutone of Renault’s latest sports models available in 100% internal combustionbefore the replacement of the A110 by a new electric generation.

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One last set and then go

To mark the end of the Mégane RS, Renault has just unveiled a limited edition called “Ultimate”, based on the Mégane RS Trophy. She will have widened front and rear fenders19-inch Fuji Light rims, and many black decorations on the hood, fenders and roof in particular. Inside, a plaque will indicate the name and number of this farewell series. Renault plans 1976 copiesa nod to the year in which Renault Sport was founded. Four colors will be offered: black, white, yellow, and orange. On the technical side, there will be no changesince the motor of 300 horsepower will retain the same characteristics and performance. Production is scheduled for the end of 2023, for just over 50,000 euros, excluding penalties. The Mégane RS and the Renault Sport name both will disappear in 2024.

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