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A very rare Mercedes R63 AMG is for sale

A copy of one of the most desirable sports minivans, the Mercedes R63 AMG is for sale. Produced in 200 copies during the year 2007 alone, this thunder of war carried a 6.2 V8 of 510 horsepower.

The wave of minivans which had flooded Europe in the 90s had given birth to a few sports and unusual versions ! We are not talking to you here about the famous 1994 F1 space you you Peugeot 806 of the 24 Hours of Spa in 1995. But rather series models, wise in appearance, but capable of great performance. Most of the generalist manufacturers got into it at the time. Renault and PSA grafted V6 in their Space and 807/C8. Opel mounted its Zafira with an OPC version of 240 horsepower and 229 km/h top speed! At Volkswagen, we equipped the Sharan from the famous VR6 block already declined on the Golf and the Passat, which offered up to 204 horsepower. But these few examples serve as small players compared to the most radical of all: the Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG !

A luxury minivan that titillates performance

Do you remember the Classe R ? This name given by Mercedes-Benz to its long-awaited large minivan, landed in 2005. If he did not meet with great success (about 200,000 copies), it was because his philosophy was at the crossroads of worlds. Minivan, station wagon, SUV? He was a bit of all three at the same time, and its elitist prices did not allow him a great career. He was moreover more aimed at the American market, assembled locally and exported to Europe, China and Japan in dribs and drabs. Despite this, Mercedes saw fit to give it a radical sports version AMG 63 ! He was grafted a V8 6.2 block of 510 horsepower and 630 Nm of torque. With such a mill and despite its 2.2 tonnes, the R63 0 to 100 km/h in five secondsfor a maximum speed (electronically limited) of 275 km/h. The fastest minivan in the West, reserved for the left lane of the highway…

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A copy for sale in Germany

This crazy bet only lasted one year, 2007and gave birth to only 200 copies of this supercharged minivan. It is to this day one of the rarest AMG models, and it is not common to find them in the classifieds, especially on this side of the Atlantic. imagine that a copy has just resurfaced, available for sale at a dealership in Munich, Germany. The copy in question has only 132,000 kilometers on the clock, and is in a perfect state of conservation. This is a European copy, sold new in Germany in 2007. It is displayed at a price of 46,900€, to which it will be necessary to add the daily expenses in gasoline (more than 20 l/100 km on average). You can consult the announcement of this automobile curiosity on this website.

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