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This machine can repair a pothole in 8 minutes, for only 33 euros

The pothole is certainly one of the most recurring problems on the roads. But a British company might have the solution!

The pothole represents a real calamity for motorists. Always a sign of poor road maintenance, it is also and above all a danger for drivers. In 2021, a British association had even published a message of attention specifically dedicated to the dangers induced by these damages to the road.

This organization, IAM RoadSmart, even had wrote a study the following year concerning the problem of potholes. And his conclusions were final. According to her, motorists tend to perceive them as one of the main dangers on the road. Even in front of alcohol and the use of the telephone while driving! But a British company has decided to tackle the problem head on, by inventing the very first pothole filling machine!

The Pothole Pro, the first pothole filling machine

Usually, patching a pothole is no small feat. Once this degradation has appeared, the most direct and effective means in the short term to repair it consists only of using a cold mix. Except that this means is not the most resistant in the long term. For the repair to be maintained over time, it is then necessary to undertake larger-scale work, which requires more time.

It is exactly where the Pothole Pro comes in. This kind of grosse excavatrice can indeed seal a pothole permanently in eight minutes! In terms of capacity, each of these machines can provide a high volume of work, since they can perform 700 repairs in one month each. So inevitably, with such advantages, the Pothole Pro is starting to have some success.

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A definite success in Ireland and the United Kingdom

Moreover, several localities have decided to invest in one or more Pothole Pro. This is in order to solve, if not definitively, at least at best, their pothole problem. For example, County Louth in Northern Ireland has decided toinvest in eight of these machines last July. And his decision was taken in particular with regard to the performances displayed by other localities.

In particular, the British municipality of Stoke-on-Trent recently said it had achieved more than three years of work over its potholes in just four months! All thanks to the use of these Pothole Pro! A sacred performance, which should all the more allow the municipalities to save money. In the UK alone, the total cost of repairing potholes is estimated to be over £80 million for each locality!

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