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What are the 10 cheapest new cars at the moment?

Despite inflation and leveling up, cheap cars still exist! Here are the top 10 cheapest new cars of the moment.

Electric cars are more expensive than vehicles with combustion engines, and the treatment of exhaust gases is increasingly complex. These are, in part, the reasons why manufacturers rarely offer inexpensive cars these days.

Cheap cars are increasingly rare

Indeed, if we look at the new car market, we quickly realize that we have to pay much more than a few years ago. The disturbances in the supply chains and the increase in raw material cost are also responsible.

But despite all these vagaries, our top 10 cheapest new cars start from €11,490, with the Dacia Sandero. For this price, no miracles on the horizon but you have a practical city car for urban use (67 horsepower). On the other hand, do not expect to see electric cars in this ranking because, even with an ecological bonus of €5,000do not include this top 10.

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Top 10 cheapest new cars in France (01/12/23):

  1. Dacia Sandero Essential SCe 65 ch (11 490 €)
  2. Hyundai i10 3G 1.0 ECO Initia 67 ch (11 740 €)
  3. Fiat Panda Mild Hybrid Essence 1.0 BSG 70 ch (13 600 €)
  4. Kia Picanto ISG Essence 1.0 DPi 67 ch (14 390 €)
  5. Hyundai i20 3G 1.0 ECO Initiation 67 hp (15 400 €)
  6. Citroën C3 YOU! PureTech 1.2 S&S 83 ch (16 590 €)
  7. Renault Twingo Equilibre SCe 65 hp (16 750 €)
  8. Dacia Duster Essential ECO-G 1.0 TCe 100 ch (16 990 €)
  9. Seat Ibiza Reference 1.0 MPI 80 ch (16 990 €)
  10. Skoda Fabia Active 1.0 MPI 65 ch (17 370 €)

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