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Hyundai: all the new features planned between 2023 and 2025

Thus, after the “5” SUV, launched at the start of the 2021 school year, the “6” sedan has just arrived in concessions while the “7” family crossover will wait until spring 2024. But Hyundai is not abandoning its thermal offer. , since the Kona will be renewed in mid-2023 with a totally new opus with a very worked style.

Kona \\ Summer

The Korean rurban cross ove will get a makeover at the end of spring. On the menu, a largely modernized design with, in particular, a very refined original light signature, an increased size (+ 15 cm long) and a noticeable upmarket on board. Finally, the Kona will continue to exist in simple hybrid petrol as well as all-electric.

Price: from €26,000 *

* Estimation Auto Plus and excluding any bonus.

Ioniq 6 \\ Early 2023

After the Ioniq 5 crossover with a very angular design, Hyundai will launch the “6”, a large sedan (4.86 m), four-door coupe style, with a slender and elegant style, all in curves.

Powered by a 77 kWh battery, the “6” will initially be offered in a propulsion version (229 hp), as well as in all-wheel drive (325 hp).

Price: from €52,200

Ioniq 7 \\ Printemps 2024

The Seven concept car (photo) foreshadows the next model that will come to oversee the Ioniq electric family. This large family crossover in the cubic and massive style will benefit from a generous wheelbase, in order to free up a vast interior space with a refined and modern presentation. Finally, with its 100 kWh battery, it will aim for nearly 500 km of autonomy.

Price: from €70,000 *

* Estimation Auto Plus and excluding any bonus.


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