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He has his car stolen and destroyed, his insurance does not want to know!

After having his car stolen, he had found the thieves driving the damaged vehicle… The insurance has been dragging out the file for months

Getting your car stolen can happen. But being refused reimbursement by the insurance, for eccentric reasons, is quite rare. While Michael made himself steal his vehiclehe was able to find it, in a thousand pieces, with The thieves inside…

Insurance doesn’t believe it

As they fled with the stolen car, they made a leaving the road and destroyed the vehicle! While he considered himself “happy” to find his Renault Megane, Michael was quickly disillusioned when he realized that his insurance would not reimburse him for all the repair costs (namely 9,000 euros).

The reason cited by insurers? They doubt the theft committed when all the requested documents were provided by Michael. Bus driver by profession, the victim needs his vehicle every day to take his children to school. He now has to do everything by public transport and arrive late for work…

The theft was committed on the first day of his vacation. After celebrating with his friends, he went to bed. When he woke up, his keys had disappeared and his vehicle with.

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An administrative nightmare

He ends up finding her, damaged, in the middle of the road. The thieves are still at the scene of the accident, taken care of by the emergency services. His second-hand car, bought two years earlier, was totally destroyed.

« When I arrive on the scene, I think of my family. The same day, we had to go on vacation, the hotel and the activities were paid for, I didn’t know how to tell my wife that“Michael told reporters.

After filing a complaint, he warns Direct Assurance, which literally rides him, asking him to provide new documents each time.

The problem, so to speak, is theabsence of break-in. If Michael had his keys stolen while he slept, he was not vigilant, according to the insurance. Despite everything, Direct Assurance provided him with a loan vehicle.

But after three weeks, nothing.

« I had the arrival of my little one three months ago. I have to do everything on foot since I can’t afford a rental. I have to juggle between day care and work. Yesterday I arrived an hour late for work. When I can’t move, I cancel“, he continues.

Direct Assurance then pays him 2.225€far from 9.000€, price of his car at departure. With the help of the journalists, Michael gets an extra €3,700. The rest will wait, again and again…

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