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News: Audi unveils the Activesphere concept car

The fourth member of the “Sphere” family of electric concept cars, the Activesphere heralds a future luxury coupe crossover, ready for adventure.


After the Skysphere roadster (August 2021), the large Grandsphere sedan (September 2021) and the Urbansphere (a sort of autonomous shuttle 5.51 m long, April 2022), Audi is unveiling a fourth (and last?) concept of the “Sphere” series. It is a machine 4.98 m long and 1.60 m high, with the flowing and elegant lines of a four-door coupé, spiced up with very marked all-terrain attributes. Witnesses, its voluminous wheel arches, its variable ground clearance, which can go from 21 cm on the road to 25 cm off-road, in the same spirit as the Allroad models of the brand equipped with air suspensions. Worthy of James Bond, the Activesphere is not lacking in “extraordinary” features, such as these metal bars at the bottom of the bumpers and under the doors, which deploy in off-road mode, or even this sliding rear window towards the roof, which releases a wide trunk opening transforming this crossover coupé into a pick-up (see photo opposite). Another originality is the traditional Singleframe grille and the lower sides are covered with a transparent glass surface to offer passengers new views of the road/track. The passenger compartment is not to be outdone, with space, comfort and high-tech technologies. Dashboard, steering wheel and pedals disappear once autonomous driving (level 4) is engaged (as already proposed by the Peugeot e-Legend concept of 2018…), giving way to an innovative augmented reality experience which prefigures systems of even more accurate and powerful head-up display in the future. From a technical point of view, like the three previous concepts, the Activesphere is designed on the PPE platform (Premium Platform Electric) developed by Audi and Porsche. It is equipped with two units (one on each axle) with a combined power of 350 kW (442 hp) and a 100 kWh and 800 V battery accepting ultra-fast charging (25 min to go from 5 to 80% ), with an announced autonomy of more than 600 km.

Concept-car L x l x h (en m) : 4, 98 x 2,07 x 1,60

electric motor : 442 ch

The Activesphere will not give rise to a production version as is, but many of its specificities (design, roominess, high-tech equipment, platform, power and autonomy) should be found on the Q6 e-tron (and on its Sportback variant), probably unveiled later this year. But also on the future A6 e-tron (and its Avant station wagon version), whose exterior dimensions and wheelbase are almost identical to those of the Activesphere Concept.




The 100% electric version is coming…

Offered in gasoline (110 and 130 hp) and in a rechargeable hybrid of 180 hp, but also 225 hp under the GSe (Grand Sport electric) label, the German compact will soon land in concessions in a 100% electric version.

Formalized last November, the Astra Electric made its public appearance at the Brussels Motor Show in mid-January. It is equipped with the latest 156 hp electric motor from the Stellantis group (inaugurated by the restyled DS 3) and a 54 kWh battery, for an announced range of 416 km. Technical elements that we will find in its cousin the Peugeot e 308, also confirmed. Both should be marketed by this summer (their station wagon versions will arrive later).


A (very) slight update

A few months after the Class A, it is around the CLA and its Shooting Brake station wagon variant to benefit from a slight refresh. As with the compact, it takes a very trained eye to spot the changes to the grille (dressed in a ‘stars’ pattern), as well as the front apron and rear diffuser (both redesigned). On board, the most notable developments concern the new steering wheel (the same as in the C-Class), the disappearance of the touchpad on the center console and a new generation of the MBUX multimedia system. Finally, all gasoline engines (with the exception of the AMG 45 S version) are now electrified with 48 V micro-hybridization, while the electric block of the rechargeable hybrid gains 5 kW. The restyled Mercedes CLA Coupé and Shooting Brake are expected in dealerships this summer.


BMW M3 CS: a radical version of 550 hp

The Bavarian manufacturer adds a new exclusive model to its range of sports sedans with this M3 CS, which displays 40 hp more than the M3 Competition, but also 20 kg less (thanks to a number of carbon fiber elements). This allows it to announce a 0 to 100 km / h in 3s 4. The M3 CS will go into production in March for marketing in stride, at the already known price of 157,000 €.

Retro kits fit for 4L, R5 and even Twingo!

In partnership with the company R-Fit, Renault is launching the marketing of retro fit kits for its popular models, the 4L (photo)R5, but also first-generation Twingo.

This system, which consists of replacing the heat engine and the tank with an electric block and a battery, is already available to order on the site, at a price of €11,900 (installation included).



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