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Speeding: he flees the police then finally changes his mind

Intercepted in very high speed, a motorist decided to flee the police. Before an astonishing turnaround.

In recent years, and especially since the end of the first confinement, excessive speeding seems to be more and more numerous. Do motorists thus express a fed up with the rules, sometimes very strict by pressing the right pedal? Maybe, but no matter what, there’s really no excuse for this kind of behavior. Especially since the Road safety recalls that speed is both an aggravating factor and a trigger for accidents. But that does not prevent some drivers from pressing the right pedal hard, especially on the highways.

A big excess

And precisely, we are going to tell you a new story of speeding, but not really like the others. This took place on Saturday January 28, in the Gard. On the A9 motorway, the police officers of the motorway platoon are carrying out speed checks. Everything happens normally, when a German car tumbles at 270 km/h, on a road normally limited to 130 km/h. Neither one nor two, the police start the Alpine A110 and embark on a chase when the driver does not want to stop. But the matter does not end there.

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And remorse

A few days later, on January 31, the Gallargues motorway platoon is visited by the driver, who has finally come to surrender on his own. But confessed fault not really forgiven, since this one was judged in immediate appearance by the judicial court of Nîmes. He therefore suffers from 12 months in prison for excessive speeding and non-payment of toll, aggravated refusal to comply and recidivism.

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