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The Bertone Genesis, the ugliest Lamborghini in history?

Did Lamborghini make a design mistake when designing the Genesis, this funny minivan? To tell the truth, the concept does not come from her…

In the collective imagination, Lamborghini is associated with beauty, elegance, exception and refinement. An idea that is in no way out of step with the vehicles designed and produced by the brand, since they respond magnificently to all these characteristics. At the limit, some could reproach him for flashy and bling-bling models, but rarely ugly. Except with the Lamborghini Genesis.

Presented at Turin motor show in 1988, this strange vehicle sports a design mixing a sports car with an MPV. The result is a model that is certainly futuristic, but with a questionable look. It is not correct that Lamborghini was associated with this project. Its builder was Bertonea competitor from Turin who re-used parts of Lamborghini to design this prototype.

A clever mix between a minivan and a sports car

Bertone’s Genesis detonates with its aspect inclassifiable. From the outside, it looks like a luxurious version of a Kangoo-type vehicle. On the other hand, its hood hides a 455 horsepower V12 engine and the body is more aerodynamic than most minivans. So, minivan or sports car? It would seem that the Genesis is a bit of both worlds.

This feature makes it one of the few five-seater vehicles (excluding SUVs) that displays such power. Its development was initiated by Chrysler, which had acquired Bertone in 1987. The objective was to increase the offer of the American giant on the family car segment. He was already posting good sales with his Voyager minivan. The Genesis would only have introduced a spacious, comfortable and more luxurious minivan than those sold at the time.

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A vehicle that never passed the prototype stage

Although innovative, the Genesis has no never been marketed. For good reason, it remained only a prototype after its exhibition at the 1988 Turin Motor Show. However, Bertone seemed to want to go beyond a simple presentation. His vision was well defined: “We are convinced that in the year 2000, the customer will not want to sacrifice anything in his way of life and benefit from the qualities sporting a car ».

An ambition that never materialized. Maybe it was also the start of a series of bad decisions taken by Bertone. After a meteoric rise of the company in the 1960s, which continued in the 1970s, it ended up declining from the 1980s. Today taken over by two automobile enthusiasts, Bertone will she relive the Genesis?

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