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Tolls: this senator is very upset against motorway companies

While the price of tolls has risen sharply, the senator of Essonne, Vincent Delahaye speaks out against discounts from motorway companies.

It’s official, since February 1, the price of tolls has indeed increased, in accordance with what was planned and like every year. A record increase, around 4.75% on average, against only 2% last year. A pill that should be difficult to pass to motorists, already taken by the throat by the incredible increase in the price of fuel, while the liter is once again close to the two euro mark. But in order to limit the discontent of the French, the motorway companies have decided to set up promotional operations for some users. But is that really enough?

Minimal aid

In any case, this is not what Vincent Delahaye, UDI senator from Essonne thinks. Questioned by our colleagues from Auto-Moto, the latter is quite upset against the offers of companies such as APRR-AREA or even Sanef. According to him, these are simple small scoops. And the least we can say is that the man knows the subject well, since he contributed to the colossal profits investigation highway companies. According to him, the lack of follow-up on the part of the government will allow them to put themselves ” 300 million euros per year in the pocket“. An extremely high figure, while motorists are bearing the brunt of the increases.

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A derisory cost

But that’s not all, because the senator also denounces the lack of transparency of companies about this aid. For example, APRR-AREA offers a 40% discount for motorists making at least 10 identical round trips per year. Vincent Delahaye indeed explains that “they don’t tell us how much it costs them, how many people will be interested. It’s smoke. There is a lack of complete transparency. No one is able to tell what these nudges represent ” while concluding that ” generally, when we don’t say what represents, it’s because it doesn’t represent much« …

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