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A Porsche Panamera is accidentally displayed at 17,000 euros

A Chinese dealer has displayed a Porsche Panamera for a sale price of 17,000 euros. Of course it was a mistake…

Some Porsche collectors thought they were dealing with sale of the century. A Chinese dealer has announced that it will sell the next Panamera for a starting price of ¥124,000, or only 17,000 euros! A ridiculous sum for this top-of-the-range car which, if it is not among the most luxurious models of Porsche, still costs 96 543 euros au minimum.

The dealer reduced the price by almost 83% compared to the amount decided by Porsche. Inevitably, who wouldn’t have jumped at the chance? Hundreds of customers rushed to the Panamera, paying a reservation fee at the same time. Of course, this process does not look like Porsche at all. And for good reason, it was an error on the part of the dealer…

A Porsche Panamera for only 17,000 euros!

This dealer had simply mistaken in the display of the price. Maybe he confused the renminbi sum with the dollar amount? Be that as it may, Porsche has never granted such a strong reduction in the price of its Panamera in China. The brand quickly reacted, stating that the dealer had committed “a serious error in the display of the sale price. »

Immediately, the dealership corrected the price, creating a wave of disappointment on Chinese social media. As for customers who had already incurred reservation costs, Porsche assured that they will be reimbursed within 48 hours. They have also been personally contacted to explain the situation to them.

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This error was not detrimental to everyone…

As expected, Porsche did not agree to sell its Panamera for 17,000 euros to the hundred customers who had already reserved it. Although they were in good faith, the difference with the normal price was way too high. The stakes were also high, insofar as the Chinese market weighs 30% of Porsche sales.

However, a customer may have benefited from this mistake. The builder said they made contact with the first person who made an online reservation. They have “negotiated an acceptable outcome” on the only vehicle the dealer had in stock. Porsche did not provide further details.

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