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Afford a coupe SUV: a reasonable whim?

The coupe SUV is the hottest body style right now: it combines an SUV with a swooping roofline. Let’s take a look at the bargains.

In recent years, SUVs have been fashionable, but trends are changing, and we have witnessed the appearance of a new kind of crossover: the SUV coupe. It’s a cross between a sedan and an SUV, with a plunging coupé-like roofline.

Particularly profitable for manufacturers, coupé SUVs are often more expensive than the ordinary SUVs from which they are derived. Let’s take a look at the most common models on the second-hand market.

Coupe SUVs: compact models

L’Audi Q3 Sportback is derived from the Q3, with a trunk of 507 to 612 liters depending on the version. Prefer the Design version, better equipped (dual-zone air conditioning, parking assistance, etc.), and the 150 horsepower TFSI engine which offers good dynamism despite consumption which could be more sober. An attractive offer at an additional cost of €2,000 compared to a Q3.

The BMW X2 is also a good alternative, 8 cm shorter and 7 cm lower than an X1. It offers a more dynamic behavior, to the detriment of comfort. Opt for an 18d version, which will offer you 150 horsepower and an automatic transmission, almost the same price as the 16d.

Perfectly in tune with the times, the Renault Arkana is the first French coupé crossover, derived from the Captur, from which it takes up the interior. The 145-horsepower hybrid version is attractive, despite its fairly slow clutch box. The Intens version, richly equipped, can be found at attractive prices.

The safe bet in hybrid is the Toyota C-HR : it is a hit, and its second-hand prices are skyrocketing. Sober and reliable, the C-HR offers a nice endowment in Dynamic finish (dual-zone air conditioning, reversing camera, reading of signs, etc.). Beware, however, of comfort, degraded with the 18-inch mount.

The Volkswagen Taigo is one of the latest from the German manufacturer: a good second-hand plan, where you can find them from €22,000. Plan an extension of 4,000 € to offer you a Style finish, better equipped with automatic air conditioning, reversing camera, GPS, digital handset or full LED headlights. The 110 horsepower TSI version is attractive, despite a DSG box sometimes producing jerks.

Coupe SUVs: family models

L’Audi Q5 Sportback appeared during the restyling of the Q5 in 2020. It has a plunging roof line, as well as easy access to the rear: be careful, however, of the head! Its trunk volume is down by 40 litres, to reach 442 to 523 liters depending on the version. Count an extension of 2,700 euros compared to an ordinary Q5. Prefer a 40 TDI version with 204 horsepower, more financially attractive than the entry-level 35 TDI.

The BMW X4 is derived from the X3, with an amputated trunk of 50 liters (to reach 468 liters) but a fairly dissuasive additional cost of 4,000 euros. The entry-level 20d version offers good performance, and the xLine version is a good choice, with GPS and leather as standard.

The Mercedes GLC Coupe appeared in 2016, and is aimed at large riders who are ready to pay 3,000 to 4,000 euros more than an equivalent GLC. It offers good comfort and reasonable consumption, as well as good manufacturing quality, despite complicated rear visibility. The 220d version of 170 horsepower is a good choice, coupled with the Fascination version which is a bargain second-hand.

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Coupe SUVs: top-of-the-range models

The pioneer of coupé SUVs is the BMW X6 : launched in 2006, it suffers from an excessive price, as well as questionable reliability on models before 2013. The entry-level diesel engine 30d offers good versatility, and the Exclusive finish is a good choice, with its sunroof.

His rival is the Mercedes GLE Coupe, appeared in 2015: count an entry ticket of 38,000 euros, or about 5,000 more than a classic GLE. The trunk is a little less accessible than on the latter, and under the hood, you can opt for the 258 horsepower 350d six-cylinder diesel, associated with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The Sportline and Fascination finishes are often found at the same price as the basic versions.

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