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BYD Seagull: the mini electric city car soon in Europe?

While the BYD range in Europe is confined to SUVs and sedans, the manufacturer could level it down by adding smaller models. After the Dolphin city car, here is the Seagull mini city car!

After the seal and the dolphin, soon the seagull? We are talking about cars here, not animals! THE Chinese manufacturer BYDworld champion in battery production, has just launched a new model in its range with animal names. The Seagull, seagull in French! She joins the Seal and Dolphin in the BYD galaxy. Which also counts Chinese imperial dynasties (Han, Tang, Yuan, Song), and the warships (Frigate, Destroyer). While the Seal and the Dolphin are currently only available in China, the latter could well be marketed in Europe in the coming months. It is a rival to the Zoé, e-208 or ë-C3 in particular. Her little sister Seagull has just been unveiled in China. She might well compete with the Dacia Spring if it were to be offered in Europe!

BYD wants more small models

It is no longer a surprise to say that Chinese brands have multiplied. Worldwide and in Europe, they are beginning to gain ground against historically stronger foreign manufacturers. They ogle the foreigner a lot, exporting to Europe and around the world. Aiways, Seres or encore MG arrived in France for example. The latter even exceeded 10,000 registrations in 2022! As for BYD, the thing is similar. The manufacturer formalized its arrival in France at the last Paris Motor Show in November. Three models will initially be offered: the Han sedan, the Atto 3 crossover and the large 7-seater Tang SUV. A mini electric city car like this new Seagull would therefore make sense, and could come leveling down the BYD range in Europe, alongside the city car Dolphin…

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An anti-Dacia Spring for Europe?

The Seagull is a small city car with dimensions roughly similar to the Kwid, but 14 centimeters wider than its rival. Her silhouette is tortured, but seems to give pride of place to interior volumes. Like the famous kei-cars on the Japanese market! She carries a 75 horsepower electric motor, who train his 1,160kg. The battery provides 30.7 kWh and could allow autonomy up to 400 kilometers.

In any case, this is what the Chinese media are counting on, as the final figures have not yet been revealed by the brand. It should be marketed there between 8,000 and 12,000 euros. A price which, even revised upwards with us, would make it very competitive! It’s still too early to speculate about its arrival, but knowing the surprise effects that BYD is fond of, something tells us that this little seagull could migrate to our longitudes…

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