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Mazda absolutely does not believe in large batteries for electric cars

Mazda executives say big batteries are not at all suitable for electric cars. We explain to you.

From 2035, all cars sold in Europe will have to be electric. This is indeed what the European Union has decreed, which wishes toreduce CO2 emissions by 100% related to the automotive industry on that date. A radical decision which is obviously far from unanimous. And which also obliges manufacturers to modify their range in depth in order to comply with this new measure. This is for example the case of Mazda, which is slowly beginning to electrify its catalog, despite a certain delay compared to some of its rivals. But now the firm has been offering an electric model recently.

No large batteries

This is the MX-30, a small zero-emission SUV often criticized for its small battery that does not allow more than 200 kilometers of autonomy. But now, for Mazda, there is no point in offering large accumulators, quite the contrary. Indeed, this choice will even be completely counterproductive, as Jeffrey Guyton, head of Mazda’s American division, explains. For him, the electric cars equipped with large batteries have ” nothing lasting“. Indeed, to manufacture them, much more lithium is needed, a material that is complex to extract and which is increasingly expensive.

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Focus on charging

The boss also goes on to say that “ even though customers currently want electric cars capable of drive more than 400 km on a single charge, soon they won’t need that size battery anymore“. In fact, recharging infrastructures continue to develop with increasingly strong powers, making it possible to limit the time spent at the terminal. Nevertheless, Mazda has still made the choice to offer a MX-30 equipped with a range extender

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