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Mercedes-Benz: big cleaning in sight in the range

Mercedes-Benz, one of the last automakers to still offer an extensive range (coupes, convertibles, station wagons, minivans, sports cars), is preparing to carry out a major cleaning, to remove more than 60% of its models.

It is one of the last car manufacturers to offer a wide range of models, Mercedes-Benz of course! It’s true, when we think of the brand with the star, it’s mainly sedans that come to mind. “Her Majesty” S-Class of course, one of the flagships of the German top of the range, for more than a century. But Mercedes is also convertibles, coupes, roadsters and more recently SUVs! The manufacturer is present in all categories! From the smallest A-Class compact to the largest G-Class, from the SL roadster to the GLE Coupé SUV! The firm has always taken risks to offer its customers THE model adapted to their needs. Even in the MPV category, we remember the R-Class, which even if it had not met with great success, at least had the merit of existing in the Mercedes range!

From 33 models today… to 14 tomorrow

Today, the brand has 33 different body styles ! In addition to those previously mentioned, we find station wagons, coupe SUVs, minivans, coupe sedans, and even a MPV! In the early 2010s, the brand began to develop a whole range, to fill each segment, and each category! There have been great successes, such as the GLC and GLE coupés. THE first coupé SUVs on the market (with the BMW X6 and X4). But after the many crises experienced by the automotive sector, and the arrival of Swede Ola Källenius at the head of the group, things are about to change… The new CEO wants to clean up the range. To prioritize value over volume. Concretely, this means sell fewer cars, but sell them for more. In this operation, it is more than 60% of the range Mercedes which should disappear…

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Farewell to station wagons, coupés, convertibles, sports cars…

Mercedes will therefore eliminate in the coming years its “non-essential” models. In detail, these are the estate, coupe and convertible variants who should jump. Let’s start with the S-Class. While its coupé and convertible variants have disappeared, it will be the turn of the coupé sedan. CLS to disappear around 2024. The Class E and C should losing their station wagon derivatives. Mercedes should replace the four coupes and convertibles with two common models.

The minivan Classe B could disappear, just like le break CLA or l’AMG GT 4 portes. Mercedes wishes focus on its range of SUVs, and more particularly on electric models (EQA, EQC, EQE SUV, EQS SUV). The brand is thus choosing rationality, and is following the path traced by most car manufacturers. The ranges are reduced, offers are standardizedand the models lose more and more fantasy every day…

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