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Second-hand Dacia: is it really good business?

Second-hand Dacias are found in spades on the second-hand market. But are they really more interesting than their competitors? Let’s do a check in.

With Dacia, the Renault group has hit the mark: transforming a historic Romanian manufacturer into a king of low-cost, with versatile models offered at an unbeatable price… We had to dare.

Appearing today among the favorite models of French customers, Dacias are found in large numbers on the second-hand market, in front of many other older models or even sold off. But are these second-hand Dacias really bargains?

Second-hand Dacia: the Sandero, queen of sales

Launched in 2008 in our region, the Dacia Sandero is undoubtedly the favorite Dacia of the French. It has since been declined in three generations, and is now upmarket, while still offering an unbeatable price.

On the second-hand market, it represents a good deal, with for example Sandero 1 from 2011 sold around 4,000 euros, even if their price tends to increase since they benefit from the Crit’air 1 sticker. Stepway version, well equipped, is a good choice, coupled with the 90 horsepower 0.9 TCe engine. Diesel versions are beginning to be shunned, and are therefore more affordable. The 1.5 dCi 75 horsepower is a safe bet, even if this version appeared in 2011 can only claim the Crit’air 2 sticker.

Second-hand family Dacias

The Dacia Logan is the first of the brand to have been launched in our region, and is available in a sedan with trunk and in station wagon. Even if they have taken a look of age, they remain robust and welcoming. You can find some for around €1,500 for a 2006 1.6 MPI version, and that’s a bargain against the competition. Prefer the 1.5 dCi 90 horsepower version if you are aiming for a station wagon, and pay attention to the air conditioning, offered as an option on certain models.

Appearing a little later, in 2012, the Dacia Dokker arrived late in our regions. However, it remains interesting compared to a Citroën Berlingo, which is 500 to 1,000 € more expensive for an equivalent model: opt for a 1.5 dCi 90 version, sober and versatile.

For families, the Dacia Lodgy is a real transporter, which offers an 870-litre trunk despite an ungraceful look. However, the competition is fierce, and you can, for example, find second-hand Grand Scénic 3s for a few hundred euros less.

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Dacia Duster: the low-cost SUV remains unbeatable

For more than ten years, the Dacia Duster has been the only one in the low-cost SUV segment, with great success in our regions. As a result, petrol Dusters are rare on the second-hand market. You will find some for less than 7,000 € with the 1.6 16V, which turns out to be robust but quite gluttonous. Opt instead for a Bioethanol or LPG version, reliable and displaying a nice sobriety, despite timid performance.

In diesel, the 1.5 dCi 110 horsepower is a good choice, but aim for a restyled model (from the end of 2013) for more reliability and peace of mind. In the Laureate version, it benefits from GPS, air conditioning, Bluetooth and fog lamps. Difficult to find an equivalent model at less than 8,000 euros among the competition: the Duster remains unbeatable!

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