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Which models to replace your old diesel?

Today, diesel cars are no longer popular. Here’s how to replace your old diesel with a gasoline equivalent, without breaking the bank at the pump.

With severe traffic restrictions and the price of diesel now higher than that of gasoline, diesel is no longer the preferred fuel of the French. Ten years ago, it represented 73% of sales, but fell to 21% last year.

Fortunately, gasoline engines have made great progress in recent years, with driving pleasure comparable to diesel engines with generous torque. To help you replace your old diesel without breaking the bank at the pump, here are the best alternatives for each category.

Replace your old diesel: city cars and compacts

If you drive a diesel city car, you may be interested in a Dacia Sandero GPL to replace it: indeed, this fuel still offers great savings, costing half as much as diesel! This 100-horsepower Eco-G model also has a good range, of more than 1,300 km, combining LPG and gasoline, and offers good driving pleasure. Count €15,150 for a well-endowed Expression version.

If you have a compact diesel sedan, a great alternative can be found at Honda, with the Civic hybrid e:HEV 184 horsepower: it combines driving pleasure and sobriety (5.8 l/100 km), while displaying a reasonable price. Count 37,100 € for an Advance version, well finished and over-equipped.

Replace your old diesel: station wagons

If you drive a diesel family sedan, take an interest in the Skoda Octavia : with the 1.5 TSI 150 horsepower engine, it has an average fuel consumption of 6.3 l/100 km, and is distinguished by its finish, its spaciousness and its generous boot volume, in saloon and station wagon. Count 29,130 ​​€ for an Ambition version, with excellent value for money.

To replace an old diesel family minivan, the market now offers large SUVs with up to 7 seats: this is the case with the Peugeot 5008, which displays great driving pleasure with the PureTech 130 horsepower version, with reasonable consumption (7.5 l/100 km) which is more fuel-efficient than the old diesel minivans. Count 39,120 € for an Allure Pack version, richly equipped.

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Replace your old diesel: SUVs

If you want to replace your diesel SUV, consider the E85 superethanol, which has an unbeatable price at the pump. At Ford, you can opt for the Ford Puma Flexifuel 125 horsepower (7.3 l/100 km), which is displayed at €26,500 for the Titanium version). If you are looking for a larger model, the Ford Kuga also has a Duratec hybrid Flexifuel engine (7.9 l / 100 km), which is displayed at 44,600 € in ST-Line X finish.

For premium models, the Mercedes GLA 200 gasoline engine with 163 horsepower, has a reasonable consumption of 7.1 l/100 km. The model has a good driveability, and shines with its comfort and its presentation, and represents a rational choice compared to its competitors. You will find it at €46,300 for an AMG Line version.

If you are looking for bigger, the Lexus NX 450h+ 309 horsepower is an excellent choice among large premium hybrid SUVs: it stands out for its smooth operation and excellent level of comfort, with an average fuel consumption of 7.2 l/100 km. It is displayed at €74,990 for an Executive version.

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