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Toyota Corolla (2023) test: a revolutionary new hybrid engine?

Best-selling car in the world with more than 50 million copies, the Toyota Corolla is not resting on its laurels. In 2023, the Japanese sedan is renewedonce again (the 12th), in 27 years of history.

Next spring, the manufacturer intends to redefine hybrid mobility, thanks to the 5th generation of self-charging hybrid motors developed by Toyota, leader and pioneer in the field. The promise : reduced fuel consumption and carbon footprint, as well as better driving pleasure. By the way, the model does a bit of cleaning. The Corolla reviews its style and its equipment.

You will find in this essay la version collectionthe most expensive in the range, fitted with the 1.8 L Hybrid 140 hp engine. Also see video:

A minimally retouched exterior design

In terms of its look, this new Toyota Corolla does not turn everything upside down. Only a few details have been reworked by the designers. THE grille pattern changes shape, just like the design of the front and rear lightsand that’s all.

To differentiate the trim levels, the manufacturer mainly plays with the size of the rims of his model. They vary from 16′ to 18′ inches depending on the version and are either made of steel or an alloy of different metals. Other design points such as a shark antenna, several chrome elements or a two-tone black bodywork, make it possible to distinguish the various levels of finish.

If some may be disappointed to see the design evolve little, we do not change a winning recipe! The aesthetics of this Corolla is always up to dateand does not look old car at all.

A chic interior, but a little tight at the back

Know that at Toyota, there is only one interior available per finish. Nevertheless, the lighting atmosphere can be personalized with several colors to choose from.

Inside our “Collection” version of the Toyota Corolla, the Japanese manufacturer has worked well on occupant comfort. At the front, the dashboard, the door panels and the steering wheel are largely trimmed with good quality leather. The sport type seats are also in leather, mixed with fabric and Alcantara stitching.

A 10.5-inch screen and a 12.3-inch digital counter with a head-up display on the windscreen transmit all the necessary information to the driver. The latter has 3 display modes associated with the 3 driving modes, sport, eco and normal. The screen is fluid and ergonomic, without offering a plethora of non-essential options. This Toyota Corolla is equipped with the Toyota Smart Connect. It is compatible with the application MyT by Toyotawhich allows you to use your phone as a key and find all the vehicle information on it.

The small downside is rather in the rear seats. If you’re over six feet tall, the space may feel a little stuffy, especially if you have a tall passenger or driver in front. If the leather and the Alcantara stitching are present on the rear seats, the top of the storm doors is only entitled to plastic. But above all, there is very little storage on board.

For the trunk, the advertised volume is 361 L, which remains relatively correct, without being extraordinary. The rear seat is foldable in 60/40 to increase the volume.

A 5th generation of hybrid engines

This is the big issue that has occupied Toyota engineers in recent years. A new hybrid engine technology of 5e generation, more powerful and less polluting and consuming.

For its sedan (also available in estate bodywork), Toyota offers two engines, with a total power of 140 hp or 196 hp. It’s always a first 4-cylinder combustion engine in line accompanied by an electric motor. Where the manufacturer has made the most progress is on the weight of its batteries. On some versions of the Corolla, these may lose up to 18 pounds.

Balanced driving between power and fuel consumption

Behind the wheel of the Toyota Corolla in collector’s version, the driver will be very well installed, thanks to the sport-type seat, which notably holds the body well in turns. Once started, the engine certainly makes a little noise when accelerating, but it is very quickly suffocated. At the level of the pedal, the driving experience is excellent. The car accurately follows the movements of the foot on the pedal, for better reliability of the driver’s intentions.

Thanks to its hybridization, the Toyota Corolla is perfect for the city. It is also very efficient on the highway. The sedan nevertheless remains wisebut for the most nervous of you, there is la version GR Sport equipped with the 196 hp engine.

From a consumption point of view, we were able to raise 5.6 L per 100 km on the highway and in the city, juggling between the different driving modes and respecting Spanish speed limits. It’s more than the 5 L per 100 km announced, but it’s already a great feat. The 5th generation engine therefore seems all the same keep his promises.

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No real competitors in its segment

The starting price of this new Corolla is set at 31 400 €. The finish version that we offer you to test today is displayed at 37 750 €. However, Toyota often displays discounts on its website or in dealerships that reduce the purchase price.

In its segment, it has no real competitors on the French market. European manufacturers have already passed hybrid-rechargeable or electric vehicles. Its main rivals are neither more nor less than its neighbours. The Hyundai i30 and the new Honda Civic e HEV. If the Korean manufacturer is now also focusing on its electric range called Ioniq, Toyota has more to worry about with the new Civic. However, the latter offers less powerful hybrid engines but above all, the name of Toyota is already well established in the collective consciousness as the referencerightly so, for hybrid technology.

Thus, like its big sisters, this new generation of the Toyota Corolla once again shows all the know-how of the manufacturer specializing in hybrid engines, and does everything to succeed.

Data sheet of the trial version:

  • Version : Corolla Berline
  • Finition : Collection
  • Price: €37,750 (without options)
  • Engine type: 4-cylinder in line supported by an electric motor
  • CV : 5
  • Power: 140 cumulative hp
  • Torque: 142 Nm + 192 Nm electric
  • Energy: Self-rechargeable hybrid
  • Transmission : Traction
  • Gearbox: Automatic type CVT
  • Mixed consumption: 4.5 L
  • Builder Acceleration: 9.2s
  • Length: 4.37m
  • Width: 1.79m
  • Height: 1.46m
  • Poids : 1345-1410 kg

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