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Porsche uses artificial intelligence for the benefit of driving pleasure

Porsche is bringing a new feature based on artificial intelligence to its customers, so that they can enjoy more exciting journeys.

If electric cars are more and more numerous on the roads and on the market in general, this does not prevent enthusiasts from continuing to love beautiful mechanics and winding roads. Quite the contrary. And what could be better than traveling in search of bends and other mountain roads to have fun behind the wheel? There are many ways to find these places, but you often have to do it alone. Either through word of mouth or using tools such as Google Maps in order to identify the beautiful roads around your home or your vacation spot, for example.

A new tool

But Porsche wants to go even further and offer an optimal experience to its customers. For this, the German firm has decided to use artificial intelligence for this purpose. If its application ROADS by Porsche already existed for several years, the manufacturer has therefore made a major update and added new features. As Robert Ader, Porsche Marketing Director, explains, “Thehe centerpiece of the new ROADS app is the scenic route generator […] This allows driving fans to find their own dream route with just a few clicks« .

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For pleasure

Thus, the application is able to create its own route, which then favors the pleasure of driving. Thus, and unlike Waze or Google Maps, no notion of faster time or shorter distance. Here, priority is given to landscapes and beautiful roads, for an optimal experience. It is then possible to choose the type of route you prefer, depending on whether you want very twisty roads or more open corners for example. ” The AI ​​works out a suitable route based on various parameters such as road curves, topography, landscape features or exciting points of interest”.

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