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BMW 3 Series vs Mercedes C-Class Estate: which to choose?

Here are two iconic models that take on the plug-in hybrid versions. But then what to choose between the BMW 330e and the Mercedes C-Class 300 e?

Particularly “looked” in break version, these two emblematic models are engaged in a new battle, with plug-in hybrid versions sharpened.

Let’s see if the BMW 330e, just restyledcan worry the young Mercedes C-Class 300 e.

For autonomy, Mercedes advantage!

The first point to consider is the consumption et autonomy electricity offered by the vehicles.

The C-Class is therefore a bit more powerful, but as she weights also 222 kg more, its performance is ultimately similar to that of the BMW.

On the other hand, the hybrid system of the C 300 e appears more advanced. A major point to save fuel daily by driving in electric (all the interest of plug-in hybrids).

Thanks to its large battery of 25,4 kWhthe Mercedes can drive on average 78 km without consuming gasoline.

It is 36 km more than the BMW, whose the capacity of the battery does not exceed 12 kWh. Icing on the cake, the Mercedes accepts refills up to 11kW in alternating current on compatible Wallboxes against 3,7 kW for the BMW.

This reduces charging times to 2 h against 4 hours for the 330e.Néanmoins, once the battery is empty, the BMW resumes the advantage.

Its block 2.0 gasoline drinks on average 8.5l/100kmor 0.5 l/100 km less than that of the Mercedes.

Two different visions of comfort

On the road, these two station wagons offer remarkable driving pleasure. In both cases, their mechanics are fluid and ultra-silent.

A 130 km/h on the highway, we even have the pleasant feeling to be at the wheel of a 100% electric model.

Also in town, the two adversaries offer disconcertingly smooth driving. On the other hand, we note a disparity outstanding in terms of comfort.

In those dynamic finishes equipped with sports chassis, the damping of the BMW is revealed much firmer than that of the Mercedes.

If that doesn’t pose too many problems on smooth surfaces, on roads more degraded, many trepidations tarnish the painting.

Opposite, suspension of the Class C, although firmed up, remains unctuous and confirms talents of Mercedes frequent flyer.

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A more functional BMW

Besides its exterior styling slightly revised in terms of the grilleoptics and shields, the BMW takes advantage of its restyling to refine its interior modernity.

A crucial element for compete the superb C-Class dashboard. The 3 Series therefore now has a large digital panel of 14,9”/38 cm.

With regard to station wagons, the practical aspects must also be part of the priority criteria. Habitability to the rear seats is almost similar, and sufficient to accommodate adults with ease.

Note, however, a disparity from size to level volumes of trunk. That of the Mercedes cannot compete. Indeed, with only 334 dm3it does not even equal that of a Peugeot 208 type city car.

Without being giant for all that, the trunk of the BMW does better, and it has a window with separate opening, a detail which facilitates the life when charging cables need to be stored, for example.

Finally, the Series 3 is offered at a tax less than 2800 €. She manages to win this match on threadfacing a Mercedes C-Class Break certainly a little more virtuous, but less practical.

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