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Restyled Cupra Born: more equipment and technologies

While its cousin Volkswagen ID.3 has just been restyled, the electric Cupra Born will go through the same box in the coming months. So what does it have in store for us?

You know the Volkswagen ID.3, but do you know the more discreet Cupra Born? Produced in Germany by Seat’s sister brand, Cupra, it stands out from its German rival with its chic and sporty style. The Born shares the same technology as the Volkswagen ID.3, but sports an aggressive body kit including side skirts and rear diffuser. Inside, there are bucket seats in fabrics or recycled microfibers, all in black.

Encore a nod to sportiness, of which this Born wants to be the ambassador. Although the ergonomics of the dashboard can be questionable (all functions are controlled via the central screen), the plastics are of better quality than those of the ID.3. Rear roominess is very generous and the trunk is spacious enough. Although this car is more expensive than some Seat models, it offers higher style and performance.

A sportier Volkswagen ID.3

How does it defend itself on the technical aspect? Unsurprisingly, she shares most of her organs with her cousin from Wolfsburg.. The Born is thus a propulsion which carries its electric motor on the rear axle. It is available in 150hp (45kWh battery), 204hp (58kWh) or 231hp with the optional e-Boost pack. This can also be accompanied by a larger battery (77kWh). In 204 horsepower at the heart of the range, the Born recharges in 30 hours on a domestic outlet.

It’s minimum 5 and a half hours on an AC terminal (11 kW charger) and 30 minutes on a DC fast terminal (maximum charging power of 120 kW for the 204hp). Currently, she is available in France from €44,500. But a few days ago, we discovered the restyling of its cousin ID.3. The Born one is coming soon, and here’s what it has in store for us…

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A facelift approaching

The ID.3 restyling was very, very light, so will this be the case for the Born? According to the few photos that we found in recent months during Cupra product presentations, the front face will seem to evolve a lot. Projectors will adopt an astonishing light signature with several triangles. To further affirm the ethnic design dear to SEAT, and to Cupra. The shield and the front fenders will benefit from it to be redesigned.

The central touch screen will switch 10 to 12 inchesand the dashboard will be redesigned, and further enhanced with fleece materials and plastics. On the technical side, if it’s like on ID3, the new Born will accept a charging power up to 170 kW instead of 135 kW. In other words, it will be able to recharge even faster than the current phase 1! Expected to be presented this year, this Born second of the name does not yet have a definitive presentation date. Still a little patience…

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