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At three years old, this child is already driving around in a Ferrari on a circuit

An incredible video shows a three-year-old child crossing a circuit at the wheel of a Ferrari. His feet barely touch the pedals!

Is the father of this child completely unconscious ? For the past few days, the video of his three-year-old son driving a Ferrari alone on a circuit has been buzzing on social networks. To tell the truth, this is not the first time that this little boy has been talked about. His Instagram account, which is run by his parents, is full of posts showing him driving go-karts or bigger cars.

Last February, this child, who responds to the name of Zayn Sofuogluhad already made the rounds of the web and had the right to the attention of certain newspapers, such as The Sunthanks to another video that showed him parking the same Ferrari. This time, little Zayn has gone even further, driving this car on a race track!

This three-year-old child drives a Ferrari alone on a circuit!

The video begins as the child’s father outfits him with a suit – which is personalized with his name – and a pilot’s helmet. As gifted as he seems to be with driving, the risk of an accident is always present, especially at his age! He then enters the Ferrari and sits in the driver’s seat. However, this was arranged so that he can reach the pedals and drive despite his small size.

Zayn hits the track and drives accident-free, like a young professional. Of course, he didn’t go very fast on the circuit. The Ferrari in question is an SF90 Stradale, which can reach 340 km/h and go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds. Performance far too high for a three-year-old. Her father probably restrained the sportswoman to avoid any risk of accident.

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Does his father want to make him a future motorsport champion?

It is not very surprising to see this child driving a supercar, even at his age. His father is none other than Kenan Sofuoglu, a well-known and talented Turkish motorcycle speed racer. Between 2007 and 2016, he won the Supersport World Championship five times. Which made him the most successful runner in this event. His talent for driving seems to have been passed down through his son’s genes!

The motorcycle rider certainly wanted to train his son to become a future professional racer. When he was just two years old, Zayn was already appearing in videos on his Instagram account that showed him riding two wheels. First training sessions that paid off well, since he is now doing very well in the car!

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