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Electric cars: a more disappointing after-sales service than that of thermal cars?

Electric cars are developing and with them more and more customer service. Unfortunately, it turns out that the after-sales service is rather disappointing.

Since the authorities want popularize electric cars, it makes sense that SAVs work more than before.

However, an American study shows that Satisfaction of customers with an electric car is more weak than those having a thermal car.

A historic drop

In the United States, electric cars are experiencing real success and it is not about to stop with the recent decisions of Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, it is shown that Satisfaction of buyers faced with the various customer services is falling.

In total there are 42 points less in customer satisfaction ratings people having an electric car.

The result of this study challenges and the authors of it hope a reaction authorities and sectors.

Manufacturer recalls hurt

The main criticisms of customers in relation to after-sales service are manufacturer reminders, but also the experience of visits to the workshop for interviews.

Indeed, it is important to report that there are twice as many recalls when it concerns an electric car, compared to a thermal car.

Unfortunately, not all builders are housed in the same brand. Indeed, those like Tesla who can send an update to the car are advantaged compared to those who cannot benefit from this technology.

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Lexus is doing well

In detail, recall procedures cost 23 points customer satisfaction to electric vehicles.

These procedures also affect the image of different brands. A ranking has been established to find out which manufacturer is doing well the best at the level of customer service.

Lexus class itself front row in terms of satisfaction all brands for a second year consecutive, with a score of 900. Porsche (880) ranks in second place in the premium segment, followed by Cadillac (879) and Infiniti (878).

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