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A new fast charging station on the A31 in France

The network of fast charging stations in France is growing day by day: a new station has just been put into service by Fastned, on the A31 motorway.

The Dutch company Fastned, specializing in fast charging stations for electric vehicles, has increased its openings in recent months. A new station has just expanded its portfolio in France: it is located at La Maxe, in Moselle near Metz.

Established on theA31 motorwayit is now the largest fast charging station in the Fastned network : it is located in a strategic location, since it is located at the crossroads of three countries, just 30 minutes from Bettembroug, in Luxembourg, and 55 km from Saarlouis, in Germany.

Fastned fast charging station: 16 new charging points on the A31

The new Fastned station at La Maxe has just put into service no less than 16 new charging pointswith a power ranging up to 300kW each. This will allow hundreds of electric vehicle drivers to charge there every day.

Located at the crossroads of three countries: France, Luxembourg and Germany, the La Maxe station is located at the heart of Fastned’s European network. Over the past decade, the Dutch specialist in fast charging stations has deployed its network in no less than six European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Fastned’s network of charging stations now includes more than 250 large stations, located on strategic roads and very popular with motorists from the Old Continent.

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Fastned: a growing network

Fastned wants to stand out in the charging operator market by offering the best possible charging experience. Its stations have an evolving architecture, and are recognizable from afar thanks to their yellow colored “canopy” roof:

“Design is central to designing the charging experience at Fastned. We have been constantly improving it because we believe it has a direct impact on the adoption of electric vehicles. Over the years we have developed our scalable designs to allow more and more EV drivers to enjoy our stations. The La Maxe station is an excellent example of a station designed to accommodate hundreds of vehicles per day: it allows a high flow of traffic, facilitates access to chargers and offers the best overall charging experience for the customer”says Maria Garcia, Head of Localization and Design at Fastned.

With the advent of electric cars, Fastned’s stations can accommodate hundreds of vehicles every day, and are located in strategic locations, including on or near highways. Over the years, the average number of chargers per station has increased from 4 (end of 2021) to 5.1 (end of 2022). Last year, nearly 50 stations were upgraded to meet growing demand.

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