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Does the autonomous shuttle have a real future?

Will the mobility of the future necessarily involve the autonomous shuttle? After experiments, the population seems rather convinced.

For years, man has dreamed of the autonomous car. Today the dream is a reality. In effect, several companies are working on the development of these autonomous vehicles.

Development which advances to such an extent that des tests are made all over France, especially near Paris or in the Drôme. The goal being to soon start autonomous shuttles in order to to enrich the supply of public transport.

Experiments in place

One March 2021, an experiment took place near the Bois de Vincennes. The automatic shuttle had been integrated directly into the traffic on the avenue de Paris, usually very frequented.

To note that those famous shuttles autonomous can now accommodate up to ten passengers and drive at a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

In total, these are more than 15 000 km which have been traveled since the launch of the experiment in 2017.

On the side of Île-de-France Mobilités and the RATP, we are delighted to the turn of these experiments, finding that it goes in common sense.

A convinced population

More recently, another experiment was also carried out in Drôme and Indre. Following these tests, the Community of Interest on the Autonomous Vehicle has established some conclusions.

In total, 74 % of the people interviewed at the end of these experiments said they were ready to change the way they travel within a year.

Et 41 % of them even wish to be able to adopt a way greener transport in the future very closefor journeys between one and 5 kilometers.

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Two important factors

Two factors may explain enthusiasm of the population against this new mobility urban and clean for the environment.

On the one hand there is the fact that ces tests convinced the population on the side beneficial autonomous shuttles on our society.

According respondentsthere is a reassuring side, particularly around the question of service security and the impact of a shuttle on local employment.

The second factor is at the level of l’importance pedagogy on changes and the benefits that can be brought this new mobility.

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