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Driving a racing car from your sofa is possible!

Start-up Avicar, in collaboration with Siemens, will launch race cars without glazing, without doors and without seats, which can be controlled remotely, through 5G

Avicar will delight fans of video games. His news racing carscreated in collaboration with the Siemens group, will be remotely controllablee. This revolutionary project will be based on the development of 5G technology and the time between the pilot’s command and the execution of the movement will not exceed the 20 thousandths of a second.

A real race, at a distance

Like games like Grand TouringNeed for Speed ​​or Mario Kart, it will now be possible to participate in races using a command, but by directing a physical car!

If your dream is to drive a racing car but you were afraid to risk your life, Avicar may soon help you achieve this. With her Gen0unveiled at the beginning of March, you will be able to ride 160 km/h without being on board this electric racing car. It has no door, window or seat, but would embed technologies capable of recreating the sensations of an F1 circuit. All from your home.

The start-up explains that its project is in remote reality and that it consists in taking control of an object remotely and in real time by means of a connected device. On his couch, the driver will wear a helmet where the images of his race will be broadcast, thanks to several cameras installed on the car. This virtual reality game only works on one condition: be within 6,500 km of the physical car.

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Eleven copies available soon

“As Wi-Fi, 5G and satellite speeds have increased dramatically, remote reality opens the door to a new world of immersive experiences”announces the Avicar team in a press release. Former NASA engineers are behind this project, in collaboration with Siemens Advanta, the group’s digital consulting branch.

Initially, eleven copies of the Gen0 will be created, which will launch a competition between them.

This project reminds Vrombr, developed by the French studio Polyptik. This is a video game offering an almost identical experience, but with miniature cars.

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