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Is this mini-Toyota the narrowest car ever?

For its participation in drag racing, Toyota has just inaugurated a version of its Supra NHRA adapted for children.

For the 2022 NHRA season (National Hot Rod Association) Funny Car, Toyota presented its new dragster car: the Supra NHRA. For the Japanese manufacturer, this novelty marked a small turning point in these rather special car competitions. Usually, Toyota participated with models derived from the Camdry. Since last year, the company has decided to participate with a Supra.

Funny Cars are types of drag racing cars characterized by fiberglass or carbon fiber bodywork. They’re built on a bespoke chassis, which makes them look oddly close to the factory models. Besides, the Toyota Supra NHRA looks like a Supra narrower and more aerodynamic. Recently, Supra added a curiosity to these vehicles: a children’s version of the Supra NHRA!

Toyota releases a dragster model for children!

The information may seem surprising. Given the power and speed of drag cars, it’s hard to imagine a kid driving one. The Supra NHRA is already showing more than 11,000 horsepower and can reach a speed of more than 500 km/h. However, there are many dragster events for the youngest, who can participate in the Junior Drag Racing League.

It is with this in mind that Toyota has adapted the Supra NHRA in a child version. It was designed in collaboration with the NHRA, Half Scale and one of the competition’s most recognized pilots, Antron Brown. “The motivation behind the development of the GR Supra Jr. Roadster nearly two years ago is primarily to provide families with an alternative to the already popular Jr. class Dragster within the NHRA”said a Toyota representative.

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A particularly narrow car

Toyota’s Roadster Junior is built on a narrower base than conventional dragster cars. Her small size even allows it to slip into the back box of a pick-up, like the Tundra! “Our engineers (…) have worked closely with Antron Brown (…) We hope that our other partners (…) at the NHRA will design their own bodies for these cars and that we will see them all in competition very soon”.

For its part, the NHRA is satisfied with the development of this new model by Toyota. It opens the way to a new class of competition within the league, the Jr. Roadster. Suitable for the youngest, it should make it easier to spot future talent in drag racing. For the moment, however, no precise date has been given for its inauguration.

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