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Mercedes GLA restyled: some aesthetic retouching

Mercedes-Benz’s compact crossover, the GLA, is getting a light and subtle makeover to celebrate its mid-career. Most of the new features are concentrated on the exterior.

The GLA was, when she arrived in 2013, the Mercedes’ counter-proposal to the BMW X1, which enjoyed great success. The brand didn’t look very far, and was content to bodybuilder his Class A compact of the time. The GL name for “Geländewagen” (the name of the original 1975 G-Class) associated with it, marked the new Mercedes nomenclature for SUVs. This very successful first generation marked the arrival of the Stuttgart brand in the compact crossover segment. Of which all manufacturers are fond today. It evolved in 2020 into a more modern and softened generation. Again, this was modeled on the new generation of Class A. Today, Mercedes-Benz is already offering the GLA a mid-career restyling that turns out to be very light.

Developments especially on the outside

It comes at the same time as that of its big brother GLB, which does not really shine either with its many developments. From an aesthetic point of view, the changes are mainly concentrated on the front part. The grid evolves into a design plus verticaland purified Also. Mercedes has retouched the shield, which retains the same shape. But now has better integrated false air grilles. Spotlights do not change, but now display a completely new light signature. Same observation at the back, the change of luminous design being the only novelty. We also note the serial appearance of 18-inch rims. Finally, the few other changes concern the design of the bonnet, which is more domed than on the current phase 1. very light exterior retouching ultimately. It must also be said that this second generation GLA is not that old…

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More technological than the current one

Mercedes preferred to act sparingly, to modernize its model without distorting it. On board, you also need to bring a magnifying glass to play the game of the seven differences. This new GLA displays a new six-spoke steering wheel, which fits into a new colorful and bright atmosphere. The brand is introducing new color harmonies, which vary according to the finish chosen. Two 10.25-inch screens each were assigned to the instrument cluster and infotainment. The latter receiving the last update of the famous MBUX system. The 360° camera and the active lane keeping aid make their appearance. Under the hood, the only changes concern the GLA 250e plug-in hybrid powertrain. Its combined output remains capped at 218 horsepower, but the electrical unit gains slightly power. Of the very subtle changes for this second half of his career, of which we are now waiting for the translation on the tariff plan.

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