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TOGG T10X: here is the very first 100% Turkish SUV

Historically associated with foreign manufacturers, Turkish car brands had never developed their own models until now. This is now done with the TOGG T10X, the first model designed, designed and assembled by a Turkish brand.

It was a long road before Turkey developed its very first national model. As in China or India, the Turkish automotive industry has historically developed in partnership with foreign players. Each new entrant wishing to distribute its vehicles in the country had to partner with a small local builder. Thus in 1968 were born Fiat-Tofas and Oyak-Renault. Two manufacturers who today still share more than half of sales in Turkey. Later, Ford partnered with Otosan, Hyundai with Assan, while Toyota arrived once this system was over, to assemble and distribute its own models in the country. All these manufacturers have since production sites in Turkey. They serve the European market (Renault Clio, Fiat Tipo, Toyota C-HR, Ford utility vehicles) as well as the various export markets.

The first major Turkish manufacturer

The weight of these builders is such that if we look at the best sellers 2022it is unsurprisingly locally assembled models. The Fiat Egea (Type) was a big first with 36,102 units. She was followed by Renault Clio (24,377 units) and the Toyota Corolla sedan (18,961 units). Without revolutionizing this established order, a 100% Turkish manufacturer is making its big debut this year in its core market: TOGG. Formed as a consortium of state enterprises and public financial holding companies, it intends to distribute 100% electric models. The first model to embody all these ambitions is a C-segment SUV: the TOGG T10X. Displaying a refined style and a highly technological interior, it aims to be positioned as a premium model. It will be launched in Turkey in the second half of 2023, and will its big arrival in Europe and France in 2024.

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A neat and technological SUV

From the outside, this family SUV could not be more classic, incorporating the codes that make the success of this category. An imposing silhouette, wide fenders, a prominent grille. The stern stands out more from the lot, with an elegant light strip in two parts which runs between the two headlights. Don’t judge a book by its cover… On board, the sensation of luxury is immediate, with a neat presentation which seems to give pride of place to plush materials. A gigantic 29-inch digital panel runs the full width of the dashboard, and complements a 12-inch screen for the driver. TOGG has integrated various connected services to its multimedia interface, as well as a level 2 autonomous driving system.

On the technical side, its electric motor located on the front axle develops 218 horsepower. It will be supplemented by a second engine in the fall, on a new version with all-wheel drive. Autonomy level, the batteries of your choice of 52.4 kWh or 88.5 kWh will have respective ranges of 314 or 523 kilometers. Its price starts at 953,000 Turkish liras, or just over 47,000 euros. A model which, knowing the standard of living in Turkey, will be primarily for export.

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