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He steals a car to go back to prison

A 40-year-old stole a car from a parking lot because he was late to return to the penitentiary center

While he was entitled to two hours of freedomand forty-something prisoner miscalculated the time he had before him and was late. In order to arrive on time, he had the “good” idea of steal a VW Polo and injure its owner, who remained clinging to her vehicle. All in the middle of the day, in the parking lot of a supermarket.

Expensive car theft

The scene took place in the parking lot of an Intermarché, in the suburbs of Melun. When he saw that he was late, this inmate headed for a woman who was going to get into her VW Polo. Citing a fuel leak, the man offered to help and got behind the wheel of the car. After reversing, he accelerated and fled, while the owner of the car was struck and finished on the ground, in the Intermarché car park. She had tried to cling to her vehicle… Wounded, she quickly alerted the police to try to find the thief.

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Picked up by the patrol

Alerted by a call, a patrol from the anti-crime brigade (BAC) of the Noisiel agglomeration police station went in search of the stolen car. She crossed paths with her near a camp of travelers.

But the prisoner backed up and hit a curb. In the car, his father accompanied him and served as his co-pilot. The latter remained in the vehicle while his son fled. The police officers found him in a bush a few moments later. He fled to the dump.

Brought before the Melun prosecutor’s office, he was sentenced to 2 years in prison in immediate appearance, with a warrant of committal. Or how to see his semi-freedom turn into a prison sentence, just for being a few minutes late… And you? What would you have done in his place?

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