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How can Tesla abdicate rare earths in its engines?

During Investors Day on March 1, the American manufacturer Tesla confirmed the arrival of a new engine without rare earths.

A few weeks ago, Tesla made several announcements during the Investors Day. Unfortunately to follow the set novelties, you had to stay awake a good part of the night.

Don’t worry, we’re going to discuss one of the big announcements from 2023: a new permanent magnet motor containing no no rare earth.

What is a rare earth?

What does Tesla call a rare earth? This is here of an important argument anti-VE people. In question, worries at the level of extraction and their supply.

We generally find these rare earths in the motors of electric cars and not in The batteries.

This is the case, for example, of Neodymium. On the other hand here, it does not take into account all that is lithium or cobalt.

Also note that thermal cars and hybrids also include rare earths, but with smaller amounts.

A flashback

The American manufacturer Tesla therefore hopes to completely separate itself from these rare earths in the production of its next engine.

To note only between 2017 and 2022the amount of rare earths in the production process has already been lowered by a quarter.

Finally, as a reminder, Tesla had already eradicated rare earths with vehicles like Model S, Model X. However, she had done the choice to hand over for the production of the Model 3.

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A catalog without rare earth

What are the positive points to stop the use of rare earths? First, Tesla could bring down production costs.

But that’s not all, because the American manufacturer could increase the efficiency of its engines. That said, Tesla still has to give the details of these engines without the rare earths.

The only information what we know is that the entire Tesla catalog is planned to be produced without rare earth.

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