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Unusual: the first bicycle parking lot has been installed in Ile-de-France!

We reassure you: no, this is not a paid bike park. It is rather an oversight when changing the use of space.

With Development cleaner mobility for the environment, habits change. And if before you had to pay to park your vehicle, this time it will be the case for the bikes.

So here in this exampleit is not a real paid bicycle parking but of an oversight during the change of signage.

An oversight that makes you smile

The scene photographed and you can find in our gallery took place in Puteaux, in Île-de-France.

On the pictures, we can see that signaling on the ground indicates “paying location”. However, we quickly realize that it is d’un parking by bike.

We reassure all people passing in the corner : cyclists obviously do not have to pay for park here.

This is an oversight when change use of previously reserved space to motor vehicles.

We can also to certify as we pass from a parking space 8 seater.

Many flights in cities

We know it since the first containment in 2020, the use of bicycles in the cities and in particular Paris has accelerated.

What pushed the town hall of the capital to invest in this new mobility, cleaner for the environment.

However, there are two obstacles to cycling: Security on the road and the flights. This is how in 2020 for example, 6,631 complaints for bicycle thefts have been identified by the town hall of Paris.

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SNCF bicycle parking lots are a hit in Paris

Some Alternatives set up to help the users less flights. This is the case of what is called the veligo.

In recent years, it has been possible for Navigo subscribers annual, Navigo senior, Imagine R school and Imagine R student to benefit a bicycle parking lot.

Note that for the other types from Navigo access is chargeable. You will have to pay either 4 euros per day, 10 euros per week or even 30 euros per year.

This alternative was set up by the SNCF Stations and Connections et just go to the dedicated site. It is possible to reserve a place for 24 hours.

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