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With its 700 horsepower, this motorhome is the fastest in the world

Tired of the usual motorhomes? Heavy and slow, they certainly do not allow you to make bursts of speed. Except this GMC!

Motorhome and speed are not two words that are naturally associated. Generally rather imposing, these vehicles are not designed to create thrills, but rather to pass a good time on vacation and in family. That’s not quite the opinion of Britt Palmer, the owner of an old GMC Motorhome. He decided to transform it into a real speed beast!

A somewhat surprising challenge, which comes in support of a humanitarian cause. Britt Palmer has indeed wanted to help research on a neurodegenerative disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. The result was an exceptional recreational vehicle, cut for speed more than for trips. « outdoor » !

A 700 horsepower motorhome to draw attention to a neurodegenerative disease

The owner of this motorhome did not modify it himself. He used the services of a well-known vehicle tuner for the customizations of the cars used for the filming of Fast & Furious, Dennis McCarthy. His team literally transformed the machine into a racing car, like a motorhome. It has been changed from top to bottom!

The entire interior, from the wooden plywood to the lavatories, was removed to be replaced by an empty cabin, lined with aluminum sheets. Several additions were needed, such as a 20 gallon fuel cell and a fire suppression system. So that the pilot is in a good position to reach top speeds, a modernized racing cockpit has been installed.

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A recreational vehicle with a sporty look

A motor Chevrolet Ram Jet 502 of 700 horsepower, associated with a TH425 automatic transmission, now equips the motorhome. Some modernizations have also improved the vehicle apart from its technical aspects and its design. Its six wheels have been fitted with modern disc brakes. The aging factory suspension was replaced with a Ridetech Air Ride system.

The GMC’s aerodynamics have been revised to optimize its speed, although the room for maneuver on this side is limited. In any case, the rendering is a real success! The vehicle beat the land speed record for a class A motorhome, reaching a speed of nearly 200 km/h! Certainly, this is nothing compared to some sports. But coming from a heavyweight, such performances are rare!

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