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Fuel: don’t panic just yet!

If the strike continues in the refineries, there is not yet a shortage of fuel in the service stations. We explain to you.

It has already been several weeks since the mobilization against the pension reform continues throughout France. The movement also seems to be on the way to intensify, while the motion of censure which could have canceled this measure was not finally adopted. Garbage collectors, railway workers, teachers and refinery employees are therefore on strike for an unlimited period. Especially since the government does not foresee any backtracking for the moment. Which of course worries the French, and in particular motorists.

No shortage

Especially since a spokesperson for the CGT has warned that the shortage will intensify over the next few days. The latter even advised to make reservations. However, in practice, the situation is quite different. Because in reality, the situation is still under control. While most refineries and oil depots are indeed on strike, the share of service stations actually on strike rupture de stock is rather restricted. It is in fact only 3.5%, which is very low. And this also applies to pumps that are missing only one type of fuel.

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uneven breaks

As you can imagine, not all regions and all departments are in the same boat. Indeed, with 16 to 18% of stations affected, Indre-et-Loire, Orne, Indre and Mayenne are among the most affected areas. Overall, it is the western half that remains the most affected at present. But the shortage is not there yet, which should reassure motorists, many of whom are already queuing at service stations.

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